Dispatches from the Swamp – the Handcuff Edition + a PSA

Zoe continues to grow and change, literally in front of eyes. Her colours continue to change. At this rate there is not going to be much white left on our formerly white dog. Then there is her ‘tude! She has one as big as the Grand Canyon. She does things her way all day every day. When I eat in the living room she sits on the leg support of my chair and paws at me when I don’t feed her fast enough. So I come up with what I think is a perfect solution: If she bugs me, I lower the foot rest slowly and she goes to the floor. Well little Mz. Shihtzu goes down once and then down twice. The third time I was about to lower her she launches off the footrest, on to my chest and ultimately closer to the food. What a dog!

I’ve avoided commenting on the MV Sun Sea for many reasons. However today I just couldn’t take it anymore today. They are bringing out the refugees in handcuffs. Handcuffs. Why on earth do you need to handcuff an approximately 20-year old woman in handcuffs? Today, I was ashamed to be a Canadian. Why our government feels the need to handcuff people who fled their home country due to civil war and political unrest is beyond me. What danger did this young woman pose today?

I am also extremely tired of all the call-in talk shows on the CBC that seem to cater to white, straight men speaking with all of the privilege they enjoy in this great country. They seem to have so little compassion for those who are less fortunate. By accident of birth they are here in this country instead of Sri Lanka.

I am sick to death of the heat. My hemoglobin dropped by 10 points in a week! I am thinking that it must be the heat and the stress it induces in my world. I could tell something was off because of my fatigue level. Low hemoglobin combined with ulcerative colitis fatigue makes me really, really tired. Bring on the beef and the iron supplements.

Now for the PSA: I am happy that there is a cold front moving in. I am sad that it will be bad for the forest fire situation though. Apparently the entire province of BC is extremely dry. It is so dry in fact that the provincial government is asking people not to go camping in the back country. I hope folks heed this warning because outrunning a forest fire is not very likely. Although I cannot find a link to the request for people not to go to the back country. Here is a link to the forest fire situation.

How do you Solve a Problem like Maria? Part 2

Well, it is over. The role of Maria VonTrapp has been cast. Elicia Mackenzie from Vancouver has won the role. It was an upset as most people thought that Janna Polzin was going to win. You could see the shock visible in the judges  when the result was announced. Many people, including me, thought that the judges had already decided on Janna. It seemed that way through out the competition when she could do no wrong in their eyes.

In other Maria news, one of the judges, Simon Lee was arrested on Sunday for assault and forcible confinement. Allegedly, he would not let his 20 year old boyfriend out of the hotel room and he had to jump out of the window. Quite a surprising end to the Maria saga!