Disturbing Mail

We have done a little bit more investigating about the religious mail we had in our mailbox about 2 weeks. It seems that we were visited by some ‘religious’ types about a week before the tracts showed up. They were promptly dismissed by A when she answered the door. Deb’s friend, E, suggested that perhaps it was them as they could google the address and get our names. Sure enough, when I plugged our address into google our names came up, the same they were written on the envelope. I think it is likely that this was the source of the religious propaganda.


In our mail today.
In our mail today.

I picked up the mail today as I usually do on my way home. We live in the country and we do not have mail delivery to our door. In amongst the usual detritus from Canada Post was a hand-written envelope that did not have a return address on it or our postal code. I did not think much of it when I picked it up. I actually thought it was probably a thank you card and a tax receipt from a rescue we had donated to recently. Boy was I wrong.

Deb opened the envelope and inside were a bunch of religious tracts. At first we thought whoever sent them was a Jehovah’s Witness because of the one on blood. However, after further reading and investigation it appears that it is some wing nut evangelical christian who has sent this to us. Most of the tracts come from Moments with the Book. This appears to be an evangelical site selling tracts to other believers. The others come from Evangelical Tracts – which is based in Canada. The front page of their website describes how happy the youth are who have just received their tracts as they get ready to spread the word in Hong Kong. Very disturbing indeed!

We both feel like we have been violated. The fact that there is someone out there who knows us and who has chosen to send us this crap is, well, disturbing. There is a feeling of being violated as we would never allow this stuff into our house. Now, we are trying to figure out who sent it. We had some religious people at the door a couple of weeks ago – did they do it? We are going through everyone we know trying to figure out if they could have sent it. We really have no idea who sent it. We can’t glean much from the envelope except that whoever wrote knows cursive writing quite well. We believe it was mailed very close to our house as it is stamped with our postal code. Other than that we are stymied.