A Lesbian’s Worst Nightmare

So, my sister and brother-in-law were visiting on the weekend. My brother-in-law collects guns and swords (eewww, ick). There was a show in Burnaby he wanted to go to and it was only open for a short amount of time. My sister did not want to drive as she did not know where she was going. So I said I would take them.

Well, I walked into lesbian hell. Imagine, tables (decorated in camoflauge) and all these men with guns and swords. I was almost knocked over by the testosterone in the room. I have never been anywhere with that many guns in one place. I don’t like guns. I know guns don’t kill people, people do but I still don’t like guns. I don’t like what they represent and the havoc they wreak. Besides the guns there knives, swords, patches and ammunition. The nazi stuff was the worst. I don’t understand why anyone would want to have this around.

Even worse though was the fact that mostly male children were present. Another generation being indoctrinated in the gun culture and all that goes with it. There was a boy about 7 years old walking around with a gun. Who lets their children do handle guns at that age? Are they not aware of the potential disastrous outcomes? I am fairly positive these children are not receiving an education about ending violence against women. I think I will stay in my safe bubble.