Hand Sanitizer

Hand Sanitizer

I had a doctor’s appointment today. I like my doctor. She gives great care and she will spend extra time with you if your issues are complicated. The downside is that she is almost always behind. We are not talking a little behind. One can expect to wait 30-75 minutes after your appointment time.

Today, I waited, along with a family, for about an hour. We were all sitting and no one moved. At least 3 times the mother pulled out hand sanitizer for herself, her daughter and her husband. I am not quite sure why someone would need to sanitize their hands that much. What could possibly have gotten on their hands while they were sitting and not touching anything?

Besides chafing their hands, they run the risk of acquiring auto-immune disease – especially for their child. We need to be exposed to germs and bacteria so that our immune systems have something to do. Without something to do, some immune systems will start to turn on other parts of the body.

Hand sanitizer has its uses. Certainly in times of pandemics hand sanitizer is necessary to reduce the transmission of the virus. It is also very useful in hospitals for medical personnel to ensure they are not transferring germs between patients. However, I do think overuse of hand sanitizer is not good for anyone.