Our Vacation Weekend at Harrison Hot Springs

We were so desperate and so stressed and so needed to get away. It has been a year since we got away so we were overdue. It has been a long hot summer and we needed to not have to go out in the heat unless we wanted. Plus we were totally looking forward to a weekend of room service and Season 4 of Dexter.

We decided not to go to the Harrison Resort. In the past we have found it loud and crowded with too many children. We decided to try the Executive Inn. The price was better and while they did not have a swimming they did have a jacuzzi. There was room service with 3 breakfasts and 1 dinner included. We also got passes to the public pool across the street from the hotel.

When we arrived on Saturday, the room was large, with a couch and chair. There was also a desk for a computer and free wi-fi. We settled in and started thinking about dinner. We looked at the room service menu and it was not very robust. So we went down to the restaurant instead. We should have known when we walked in because the place was a disaster. Odd seating with a similarly odd layout. It took us about 2 minutes to decide where to sit. We looked at the menu and there seemed to be an odd emphasis on potato chips – fish encrusted in potato chips (which seemed to be a Harrison theme). I ordered some prawn and scallop thing and Deb had fish and chips. We also ordered chicken wings (which were a disaster) and home-made potato chips which were ok when they were crispy but most of them were just soggy vehicles for grease. My dinner was ok and Deb’s was not great. We decided we would not return for dinner and were glad that we had brought the $40 dinner gift card to use.

The restaurant disasters continued with breakfast the next morning. We were told the kitchen was open until 11:30 am for breakfast. We both ordered the Monte Cristo –which is a ham and cheese sandwich dipped in egg and fried. Well, Rockamole’s version was to take french toast bread with cinnamon. Who the hell thinks that cinnamon goes with cheese and ham? It was disgusting to say the least.

The next morning I went to order breakfast at 11:15 am and I was told the restaurant was closed. I could not believe it. I was so annoyed! However, we were saved from yet another Rockamole’s culinary crime. Instead we went to Cookin’ Kim’s Country Cafe. Deb had what she described as the best ‘Chef’s Salad’ ever! It did look pretty good! I had a grilled cheese which was underwhelming but we did have the best cauliflower cheese soup!

For dinner the last night we went to the Crazy Fish Bistro. I was hoping for a fish and chips dish but they didn’t have that. Instead Deb and I shared the ribs and we had a fish appetizer that was breaded in, you guessed it, potato chips. Unlike the other dish with fish and chips this was fabulous. It would be enough to make a meal. The ribs were good but they had that taste ribs get when they are frozen after they have been cooked. I hate that taste. The stand out for this meal for me was the corn on the cob. I shouldn’t eat it but it is something I have real trouble leaving alone. This corn was divine. The right crispness and sweetness. I was in heaven. It was so good Deb let me eat her small cob too!

This morning we had to go back to the hotel restaurant. We got room service and it went to new depths of badness. Deb had a breakfast skillet that was supposed to have eggs. I even told them how to cook her eggs. The breakfast skillet was disgusting. Overcooked green peppers and canned mushrooms. The smell almost made me lose it! I asked for pancakes instead of hash browns and toast. I asked for for pancakes with extra butter. I got the pancakes, no butter and no syrup. Great. I did get my sunny side up eggs but no salt and pepper.

Food was not the purpose of our trip. We wanted rest and relaxation. We wanted a chance to re-connect and relax together, to focus on each other. We definitely got that. We completely enjoyed ourselves. We come back feeling good and ready to carry on. It is so nice to get away with your spouse and have some uninterrupted time together. We have also decided to do this again in 6 months rather than a year.

On another note, I totally noticed the HST. It seemed like restaurant bills were $6 – 8 higher than I expected. So that even if you have a $20 gift card that does not cover 2 entrees under $10 and one beverage. Add on the room service cost and tip and it is almost an additional $15. This starts to add up very quickly. When we go again we may consider taking more of our own food.