Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘summer has arrived’ edition

  • We are finally home. Thankfully we had a ferry reservation because the sailing was full an hour before we even got there. Piper got overheated while we were waiting to get on the boat. It was so freaking hot there. I walked across to the Market to get lunch and papers Deb. It was almost sick. Once we got on the ferry there was a great breeze. I went up and got the soft-serve ice cream and it was very good! We got off the ferry at 4:54pm and we were home in an hour with a stop at Hopcott’s for steak.
  • OMG! The stereo/GPS unit I got Deb for her birthday is amazing. It tells you when the traffic is backing up!?! Could there be anything better! It also navigates much better. It gives you information ongoing about the road you are on and what roads are coming up. I can’t stand it so I am getting my own.
  • It is nice to be home after spending several days in a small room with Deb and 2 dogs. She makes me crazy! I would put something down and she would ‘put it away.’ I really struggled with food. It was very hard for me to find stuff I could eat. The food from the Kingfisher restaurant (what made it worse was that the baked brie dish they had on the menu they were no longer serving!) was far too gourmet and rich for me. There was very little that appealed to either Deb or me. The best meal we had was at Boston Pizza. We did have some food with us like cheese and crackers. I also had my yogurt and cereal as well. Grilled eggplant and steak was very welcome tonight for dinner.
  • The dogs were so good – especially Sawyer. He is still quite a young dog yet he is so well socialized. He is pretty much bomb proof as he can adapt to any situation. He loves all people and dogs. Piper was a little stressed in the beginning in the truck but she did eventually calm down. She is getting really overheated so we are off to the vet to get her looked at. Piper and Sawyer get along so well. They don’t scrap over food or toys and they like to cuddle together.
  • It seems the heat has arrived now. I am going to try not to complain as we have pretty much had a month of no heat. I will be trying to hide in the house with the until the heat wave is over. Thankfully we have air conditioners!

Dogs in Hot Cars

Consider this a public service announcement.

The only safe way to leave your dog in your car is to not do it. End of conversation.

If you have to take your dog with you and you have to do errands make sure that there is an adult who can stay with the dog. If the human can stand it then the dog can stand it. If you are not prepared to stay in the hot car with your dog then don’t leave your dog there.

In temperatures like we are having right now a dog can die in a very few minutes in a car, even with the windows open. When it is over 30 degrees, leaving a dog in a car with the windows down is useless. All it takes is a little planning to ensure that your dog is not left in a hot car.


It is way too hot for me. It affects every part of my life. I am bitchy and anxious. My pain level spikes and I don’t sleep as well. I really hope the forecast is correct and that things are going to cool down. I am so ready for summer to be over. Now.

Too Tired

I have had a busy day and the heat has sapped all of my energy. I will blog more tomorrow. Some days you just have to call it in. We do have a new ice machine. The other one died yesterday night.

Pet Peeves: The Heat Edition

Ok, I confess, I hate summer. Actually, I more than hate it, I loathe it and I dread it. Yet every year it comes. This summer has not been as bad as summers past but it is still bad enough. We are now on day 3 of a heatwave that has seen the temperatures in the valley close to 35 degrees celcius. This is insane. I take a shower, come downstairs, clean up after the dogs, let a few out and I am sweating. It is insanity. Having auto-immune disease makes one even more susceptible to the heat.

It also makes me incredibly bitchy. I have no fucking patience for anything –  not for the dog panting on my already hot leg, or the one who wants to be velcroed to me. Simple errands become an excercise in entering hell and becoming overheated. And it never fails that when there is a heatwave I will have some major running around to do. So far, during this heatwave, my computer had to go into the shop, my laptop died and I had to get another one, I picked up my computer and they did not do what I wanted so it had to go back again today and picked up again today. Then there is all the setting up and finding of software because they had to do a clean install of windows. Oh and the sound wouldn’t work and I couldn’t make it work with sweat dripping in my eyes.

Even the poor dogs can’t get cool despite three air conditioners running. I feel the most sorry for Kiefer because he is big, hairy and black. Molly the little pom who is also quite hairy suffers too. They are all panting big time and sucking back the water. Most of them don’t really want to eat either. The only one who does not seem at all bothered by the heat is Clio who is currently making bizarre noises and digging her bed. Oh the joys of the blind and brain injured little dog!

Thankfully I am done for today. I just looked at the weather eye and the temp is 30 but it feels like 37. Just tell me it will end. Thank god the ice machine is working!