It’s a Miracle

For the first time since we have lived here there is no water in the crawl space under our house. It was also quite easy to fix – if you are an engineer! Currently there is a trench dug to a pond. Then another trench goes to a pond in the back and a third trench goes to the very back of the property. The idea is that the water flows from the front to the back. When all is said and done there will only be water at the very back of our ½ acre property.

The next steps are to lay pipe and fill everything in with gravel. It is possible that we may not even have mud this winter but I am not sure of that yet. My hope is that the septic water will not stagnate and smell for the next 7 months. Plus the septic system was not able to adequately drain especially in the rain. The smell had come back with the recent rain and I am certainly not smelling it now.

Our contractor was also able to tell us that while there was a lot of water under the house it did not look like it was touching the wood. This, indeed, is very, very good news! This work will make our property so much more enjoyable for us and the dogs. We will try to get some pictures. Worth every penny!

On another note – I felt horrible today. I have been dizzy and I have the chills. I am sure it is colitis symptoms and I hope I will be better by tomorrow. I hate it when this freaking disease gets in the way of my life and responsibilities.

Drainage Work

So our drainage work is starting tomorrow. Apparently the excavation will begin at 7:30 am. I sure hope I can sleep through it. The hope is that moving water to two ponds (which will be created) will move water out of the septic field and from under the house. The drainage has been an issue since we moved into this house.

We are hoping that this will solve our perennial issues of the septic filling up with water. The last couple of years we have had to have it pumped out 2-3 times and it is mostly just full of water. Hopefully the work will get done quickly!

Home Renovations

We have never been much for the DIY home renovations. We bought this house in 2006 and we never liked the colour of the paint – pastel duck shit green is how I described it. In anticipation of a visit from the mother unit we decided it was finally time to paint. Of course as soon as we made this decision, Deb got sick and I am useless at painting. So Lynn has ended up doing it all and what a fabulous job she has done!

The dining room is now dark/forest green on 2 of the walls and a lovely light grey. The grey is now down the hallway and it looks great. We may add some other colour and/or a chair rail to split up the bigger walls.

It is amazing to me what paint can do! Lynn has done a fabulous job and it looks great. Pictures to follow once the pictures are all back up and the bench is done. Thank you so much Lynn for all of your hard work!