Where did he go?

Everyday I walk past him. I have seen him for as long as I can remember. He is a security guard standing outside of the CIBC on Hastings at Penticton. I admire his stamina. He is on his feet for hours everyday. I never see him lean or even rest a little bit. He opens the door for people coming in and out. Seeing him is as predictable as rain in Vancouver in the winter.

I often wonder what has brought him to this job. I wonder if he is new to Canada and can’t get a job in his field or maybe he wants to do this kind of work. I can’t imagine why anyone would want to stand outside of back all day, every day. Then I wonder if he has a family to support and that is where he gets his motivation to stand in the elements. He rarely goes in the bank so I suspect he must get quite cold.

I admire him and I know nothing about him. I believe he must be an amazing human being to do what he does everyday. He must be an incredibly strong man to face his job day after day after day. I know that I could not do what he does. He must have a great place to go to mentally to be able to stand it.

Today he was not there. There was another security guard there. I almost wanted to ask the new guy where the other guard had gone. I hope he is ok and that he comes back. For some reason, his presence there everyday gives me comfort.