I ask Questions…

1.     This is a serious question. I was driving home the other night and I came upon an RCMP officer attempting to get someone out of his truck. I couldn’t tell if the guy was intoxicated and was falling over as the officer was supporting his torso while his legs were still in the pedal area. It seemed to me that at any moment this guy could begin to fight back and the officer might be thrown into oncoming traffic. I immediately slowed down to a crawl but I wondered if I should have stopped to prevent him potentially being struck? Or assist him by calling 911 for more help? Does anyone know what a motorist should do in a situation like this? Does anyone know? What would you do?

2.     Are you a disappointed Canadian? I have been asking this questions all day and most people look at my like I am in idiot. Those of you who are politically aware or who happened to catch a newscast today would understand that question.[1] So, I have yet to find a disappointed Canadian. I ask: are you a disappointed Canadian?

3.     Was today ‘no signal light’ day? I have to say, I must have seen about 8 vehicles today weaving in and out of traffic and not signaling. It was absolutely craziness! Did anyone else notice this?

[1] When the federal government today Stephen Harper said he was disappointed and he knew that many Canadians are too.

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I ask questions…

I posted this on Facebook too but I thought I might get different answers here:

Question of the day: Why is it that some dogs think that walking in front of you is a good thing? Seriously folks – I need to figure this one out. Routinely Keifer (130 lbs) and Tucker (70 pounds) stand up as soon as I do, they stand in front of me and then we all try to get down the hall together. Massive fail!

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I ask questions…

Yesterday I bought some orange tic tacs. When I opened the box a little later I got a shock – they were white! The box was orange coloured and I was expecting the familiar orange-coloured little candies. When did orange tic tacs become white?

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I ask questions!

This has been bugging me for a while: Why do people who use organic products feel the need to tell everyone that they are eating ‘organic’ cookies or ‘organic’ chicken soup?

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I ask Questions

Apparently there was a water main burst in Montreal yesterday. Not really newsworthy except that a huge lake of water formed at a busy intersection and according to CBC radio reports a woman tried to cross the intersection. No big surprise, she fell in the metre deep water. The other salient point was that the pipe in question was 118 years old!!! What municipality does not systematically replace its pipes? I mean, seriously, these pipes were installed in the 19th century! Does anyone know if it is common for pipes this old to be in service?

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I ask Questions #4

Ok so we are in a winter wonderland hell right now. Here is my question: Why don’t people clean off their vehicles before they go on the highway. Do they think it is cool to have snow flying off of their vehicle while they drive down the highway blinding other people???

I ask questions 1, 2, 3

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I ask Questions – cold feet edition

So here is my question: Why are my feet cold? I am wearing wool socks and my feet are still cold. Does anyone have any ideas? I hate having cold feet.

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I ask Questions

Today’s question comes as a result of my interaction with the clerk at the restaurant where I ordered pizza from today. She said: “Your order comes to $48.50 minus 10% for picking it up but I won’t know how much to take off until I put it into the computer.” I said: “Ummmm, $4.85?” I then resisted the urge to give her a math lesson. So here is the question: Are they no longer teaching basic arithmetic in school? How does one go through life and not know how to figure out 10% of a number? Ok, I know that is 2 questions but the are related!

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I ask Questions

I have decided to start a new feature here called: “I ask Questions.” I have questions, lots of questions. Some of them are rhetorical and some I am just curious about. So if you can help by answering my questions please chime in!

So, without further delay, here is the inagural question in the “I ask Questions” series:

Why is the traffic always bad on Tuesdays? Doesn’t seem to matter what time of day I drive into Vancouver on a Tuesday traffic is always slow. Anyone know why this happens? What is about Tuesdays?

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