I think I might be weird: The toilet paper edition

Ok, so I confess right off the top that I know I am weird. I have been told I have weird addictions (kleenex and lip balm). But nothing is quite as weird as my need to have toilet paper in the house. Now, I am not talking a couple of rolls – I want like 30. We got down to 5 rolls this week and I was busy becoming paniced and figuring out when we were going go Costco to be the toilet paper. Now, part of the problem is that we have a septic system and there is really only one kind of toilet paper I like that does not bung up the system. Generally, only Costco has this kind but I had seen it at our local grocery store.

So yesterday I went up and looked for and could not find it so I was resigned to going to Costco. Then, on the way out, out of the corner of my eye, I spied it!!! Right by the freaking door!!! I walked right by it! So now I am happy. We have at least 33 rolls of toilet paper in the house and I won’t need to worry for a while.