After 2.5 weeks on Victoza, I have lost 12 pounds. I think that is pretty significant. I am not up to the full dose yet – one more step to go. I am really hoping that this drug will fix my severe insulin resistance. I have to say that some of the gastric side effects have been pretty bad. I am finding I am able to eat even less than I was before. I have very little appetite most of the time. At one point, I was both hungry and sick to my stomach. The late night diarrhea has abated at this point. I will go back to my doctor next week and see if I can go up to the highest dose. I am so hoping that this medication is the answer for me. Reducing the amount of insulin in my bloodstream and allowing me to lose weight will improve my overall level of health. I am sure this will also help with my ulcerative colitis.