Prep Day

I have my colonoscopy and gastroscopy tomorrow at 12:30. I am doing the prep today which, borders on hell once it gets started. I will spare you all the details but needless to say it will be my own tiny slice of hell. Thankfully I have lots of drugs to make it through the day. Deb is going to go and get me a 7-up and lemon aid slurpee if she can find them. My life sucks today.

I will spare you all the gory details. Suffice it to say I will have more than enough time to read the new Mac magazine that arrived on Friday. Plus I have 3 back issues of the Walrus to read to. I should be set. I will then whine, whinge and generally feel sorry for myself. I will categorize this behaviour as self-care as I sit with a heating pad and try to relax.

I did remember to call my Mother for Mother’s day. She has been a bit nicer since she got sick and quit smoking. I am not expecting this to hold as I know her very well and leopards don’t change their spots. Apparently my sister is also going to quit smoking. I hope this all goes ok or Deb and I will be in the middle of a conflict that would scare suicide bombers. Seriously folks, this is not an exaggeration. Those 2 can fight like no other 2 people I know. If you don’t keep your head down they lock on to you and there is no getting away from them.