Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘feeling a bit better’

• I just started to watch SYTYCD Canada. We had been recording it since it started. I am not sure if it is just me but I rarely find that Tre or Jean-Marc have much to add to the commentary. Tre is too busy trying to like a cross between a Jamaican and Lil C; she does neither well. Jean-Marc’s main contribution continues to be to pump up the audience by praising the choreographers loudly. I would much rather listen to Luther ‘nasty situation’ Brown or Mary Murphy. I am not really sure why Tre and Jean-Marc remain as the anchor judges. Perhaps this is why they have been sending Mary Murphy up every week.
• The dancers on the US version of SYTYCD seem quite a bit stronger than the Canadian version this year. While the eliminations on the American version have been very difficult to predict, it is easy to figure out who should go home.
• The time off seems to be helping. Even though I was not officially done until last Thursday. Just not having to get up and be somewhere has made a big difference to my mood. My fatigue level has dropped – I am no longer sleeping until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. No longer being tired all the time helps with my anxiety level. Not having to drag myself somewhere everyday and not being sure how I am going to do it reduces my anxiety too. A less anxious Shihtzustaff is a very good thing.
• So we watched the first episode of True Blood last night. I have to say I didn’t get it. It did absolutely nothing for me. Am I missing something? Does it get better? Maybe I am not the target audience…
• All of the dogs are doing really well. Kiefer and Piper are going in to see the vet on Monday. We need to find out what is going on with Piper’s breathing and we think Kiefer has an eye infection.

Week 2: So You Think You Can Dance Canada

Apparently someone has criticized Jean-Marc Generaux’s English speaking abilities. One of the judges, Tre Armstrong, correctly pointed out that it is seriously bad form to criticize someone who is speaking in a language that is not their mother tongue. To drive the point home (unnecessarily, in my opinon) she went on to add that she would challenge that person to come and do the same thing as Jean Marc en Francais.

Last week I blogged about the content of Jean-Marc Generaux’s comments. It seemed he basically repeated what other judges said and then threw in a sexist comment. I must say that he was way better this week. There were only a couple of minor sexist remarks and his level of respect towards the women (take a note, not ‘girls’ SYTYCD Canada) competitors. I am hoping this will continue.

I think the judge of the night though was Luther Brown after Tamina and Joey’s silly ‘jailhouse sleepover’ routine. Luther definately gets the ‘keeping it real’ award. He was hysterical. I am sure it will be up on youtube soon. Definitely worth a look. I will link it as soon as I find it.

So You Think You Can Dance Canada

I am a recent convert to SYTYCD. It helped to get me through my summer of unemployment and gave me something to look forward to every week. I was rooting for Joshua and Katee since the first routine they did to “No Air.” We were all thrilled here when he eventually won.

Now, I am watching SYTYCD Canada and I have to say the talent is easily as good as or better than the American version. I have not learned all of the contestants’ names but Lisa and Tamina are early stand outs for me. The one thing I am annoyed about with this version of SYTYCD is one of the judges Jean-Marc Generaux. He seems incapable of commenting on performances of dancers without saying something horribly sexist. I just want to skip through him every single time he is on the screen. I am not sure why the network thinks this is ok. At one point, last week, he was actually encouraging a male dancer to grope his partner saying something along the lines of “if I had three hands I would have them all over her.” It was disgusting and demeaning and completely unnecessary. Given that he is a ballroom expert you would think he would have something new to add when he is judging those routines but he doesn’t. His style seems to be to reiterate what other judges have said and throw in a sexist comment. I certainly hope he is not going to be on every single episode.

Nigel Lythgoe has his own quirks from the American version. He seems to target male dancers who do not seem ‘masculine’ enough for him. To me, these comments appear rooted in homophobia and are just as bad as Jean-Marc Generaux’s sexist comments. I say bring Mary on – she is loud and she screams but at least she is not sexist or homophobic adn she always has something new to add to the comments.