Dancing with the Stars Travesty

I am a latecomer to watching DTWS. I started late in the season when Kristy Yamiguchi won. I have been a convert ever since. I love learning about all the different dances and I especially love the skimpy, sexy costumes! The judges are hysterical and I think Len deserves danger pay for having to sit next to Bruno. Usually the competition proceeds in an orderly fashion and stars are eliminated based on ability.

There is something wonky this season. For some reason Ty Murray, dancing with Chelsie Hightower, is atrocious and still in the competition. He should have been eliminated 5 weeks ago. Last night, however, he stayed and Lil’ Kim went. There is no way Lil’ Kim should have gone. She has more dance ability in her baby finger than he has in his entire body. So why did this happen. I can’t imagine that there are that many rodeo fans who would be watching DWTS. Nor do I think it is Jewel fans keeping him in the competition. The only thing that could possible explain this is that Chelsie’s fans from SYTYCD have followed her to DWTS. If this is the case and if Ty wins this will be a blow for the show. It will completely lose credibility.

I know this is not all that serious, after all it is only a reality vehicle for has-been stars. However I think it is still valuable in that exposes a huge audience to ballroom and Latin dance. Who knows, maybe some young, future dancers will be inspired by this show. Each star brings their own demographic to the show and likely the show keep some of those viewers for subsequent seasons.

I was really sad to see Lil’ Kim go. I think she had a good chance of winning.