Completely Opposite Day

As horrible and dark yesterday was today has turned out to be the complete opposite. Something that had been done to me and had reminded me of all the hurt and insult I went through was righted today by a group of kind people. It has certainly made me feel better about my place in the universe. I have also decided to challenge something else that has been nagging at me for months now. It is fixed now and I hope it will change my overall outlook.

I am beginning to ponder some other changes. There is nothing much I want to say about it right now but it has to do with enhancing our quality of life. Right now between my ulcerative colitis and Deb’s MS plus working full-time, our quality of life is pretty much in the toilet. If either of us gets a virus (like the one I have had for over 10 days) we are even sicker and it takes much longer to recover. I am not quite sure what is going to change at this point. What I have come to realize is that I do not see how things can continue without some way of improving my health.

I often complain about my daily calls to my mother. Tonight was different. She gave me very good news that will ease pressures on us. I think she hopes we could be of more help to her as she is now facing having to use oxygen. She was able to breathe much better when she was on the cruise and when she was here. Anyways, it was very, very good news that has really made my day.

Date Weekend

Deb and I had a great weekend. We went out to do a few errands yesterday and out for brunch to De Dutch. We both had the Peach Melba pancake thing[1] and it was awesome! We then picked up a bunch of curry supplies. I needed new spices, as mine were quite old. With Deb’s change to vegetarianism she has asked me to make more curry for her as many dishes are naturally vegetarian. Tonight I made her matar paneer with potatoes because she is a Nova Scotian at her core!

This afternoon we went to see the King’s Speech. It was fabulous! It was so good in fact that I was able to completely forget about all the crap in my world. Colin Firth was fabulous. I really enjoyed watching the relationship develop between the therapist and ‘Bertie.’ If you have not seen it, I highly recommend it.

We have decided that we need to do these kinds of things more often. Because we are both sick, it becomes easy to just stay home. While we need to do a fair amount of staying home and relaxing, I think we will try to balance things out a little more. We had a great time this weekend and hopefully we can do it again soon!

[1] I can’t spell it the way they do.

I have been Groped!

I have been Groped!!!!

I am going to try and recreate the blog I wrote yesterday that disappeared off of my iPad. I am positive it will not be anywhere near as funny as the first one.

We arrived at the Abbotsford International Airport (a very well kept secret) and found parking relatively close to the airport. I was expecting huge lineups to check in and get through security. However, when we walked in there were 3 cherry looking WestJet agents waiting to help us. We always have trouble with airline seating. Besides both of us being large women, Deb’s muscles seize because of her MS. Our agent was able to seat us one row in front of the exit row as that would give Deb more room to move her legs.

Then came security. Again I was suspecting a huge line up. There were 3 people in front of us! We went through and my Fluevog boots set off the metal detector. I was then treated to the enhanced pat down. I don’t recall that I had a choice. I told her what caused the metal detector to go off. She asked me if any part of my body hurt. I didn’t bother listing all the areas that are sore because we would have missed our plane. She was gentle and it was no where near as bad as I thought it would be. I also don’t think it was overly effective. Being a larger person she certainly did not pat down some areas. I really don’t feel like it was all that intrusive. Plus the way they do it, with the sides of their hands, it in no way feels like groping. It is not like they grab a part of your body and proceed to grope. I am far more concerned about the x-ray machines present in the Calgary International Airport. I have had enough radiation in my life and don’t really want anymore.

When we got on to the plane, we discovered some snotty bitch sitting in one of our seats. She was refusing to move. The flight attendant asked, pleadingly, if we would please sit in the row behind. Clearly there was going to be a huge problem if we did not do it. This woman did not even acknowledge that she had inconvenienced us in any way. Nor did she even say thank you! I was completely pissed right off by her attitude. I desperately wanted to say something but didn’t really see the point. People who are that self-absorbed and narcissistic are not worth wasting one’s time on. I really did hope that she would manage to fall off of her stiletto heel boots and have one them land up her ass.

My friend Nancy picked us up at the airport so everything went really smooth. I had to get an eggnog latte for a good caffeine fix. It is the first one I have had in a very long time. We got to my mother’s and I drove us downtown in her Lexus (drool) to the Silver Dragon. It was quite amazing that as soon as I knew the address, I knew exactly where to go. This is a very good thing because my mother’s GPS seems possessed! It tried to send us to the States, to Montreal and to Winnipeg. When I started just ignoring it, it kept telling me to find a place to make a safe u-turn. I really have a love hate relationship with GPSs.

Things are going ok so far. I really enjoyed having Calgary Mu Shu Pork. In fact, that is pretty much all I ate for dinner last night. Everyone will be able to hold it together until tomorrow, at which point the fighting will start. Oh and apparently we are going to have a very serious discussion today about what my mother needs in terms of care. If it involves us moving back to Calgary, I am not going to be very happy to say the least.

Busy Day

We had a busy day today. We had a specialist appointment for Deb today which took us out to UBC. All things are fine. This appointment brought out an interesting facet of our relationship that we are not always aware of.

We both have different ways of relating to the world. Deb is way more emotional and I am more intellectual. I am the ‘event memory’. If something happened or, in this case, medications changed, I am the one who knows why. Any event that impacted our emotions like a family crisis, Deb remembers the event. It is interesting that we complement each other in these ways.

Today at the appointment, the doctor started to ask Deb questions. Deb does not really retain information about her medication. She knows when to take it and how much but she rarely knows what it is for or when she was started on it. So the doctor starts to ask her questions, she struggles a bit, and looks over to me and I start to answer them. The doctor stops me because he wants to observe how Deb can respond to the questions. It is really hard for me because she misses key pieces of information and I try to remind her without him knowing that I am doing it.

When I am sick or it is my appointment Deb is an amazing advocate for me. She makes my life way easier. When I am in the hospital she takes care of me – which the nurses love. She makes sure I get what I need and want. She is amazing.

When we go to her appointments I know that she has trouble synthesizing the information. I go so that she doesn’t get run over by the medical professionals. We also want to make sure that we understand the information so it is best that  I go because I work on that level.

All of this confirms that we are meant to be together and that we make a great team! I love you Babe. Now onto my double-scope next week. Yippee fucking skippy.

PS: Stay tuned for parts 3 & 4 in the computer shop saga…

Crawling out from under…

Well, it has been a while. As many of you know I have been quite ill with a colitis attack from hell that landed me in the hospital for 12 days. Well, it would appear that was only the beginning. I have spent the last two months weaning myself off the various drugs they started me on in the hospital to try and get this under control. I have been making good progress. I am down from an all time high of 290 mg of slow acting morphine twice a day to 30 mg twice a day and the prednisone is down from 80 mg to 20. It has been very slow going. I am now at the point where I am able to get out and get some exercise and try to rebuild some strength after basically spending 2 months sleeping. The good news is that all colitis symptoms seem to be gone. I am sure this is a result of the imuran (which is an immuno-suppressant). It is thought that colitis is an auto-immune disease whereby the immune system attacks some part of the body (in this case the colon) and toning it down leads to a reduction in symptoms. The large doses of prednisone also do this but I was still having symptoms at 40mg so I am thinking it is the imuran. Let’s hope. I intend to write a whole lot more about this ordeal – most likely in an open letter to the doctor who set this course of action in motion but that is it for now.

Other updates. We have new neighbours who are more worried about us reporting on their barking dogs (and trust me they bark alot) than we are about them. They are also over the limit so we actually feel some security for a change. All the dogs are doing fairly well. Mabel has a cancerous tumour on her leg so we have to keep it covered and give her pain killers. She is now palliative. She has done really well especially given the fact that she was coming here to die a year ago as she was peeing blood and they thought she had bladder cancer. Madison is still struggling with her leg. She has a torn cruciate ligament and you can’t do surgery on a 14 year old dog for a torn cruciate so she is on meds and anti-inflammatory and a pain killer. Kirby is great. The punk (AKA Piper) lost her toilet training for a brief bit of time but that seems to be over now. Molly is great still doing her stretches. Clio still does not know she is a dog but that is ok. Keifer is a big pain in the ass. Mackenzie has been making Deb crazy getting her up in the middle of the night to pee and not coming in. Sienna has singlehandedly convinced 4 home care nurses that pitbulls are the best dogs in the whole world. She is a great breed ambassador. I sure hope I have not forgotten anyone!

This last several months have been rough for us. I have been sick since November. We also found out that Deb has MS. She may also have rheumatoid arthritis. It never fails to amaze me that no matter what confronts us we deal with it and come out stronger the other side. After almost 10 years together we have discovered cuddling. We cuddled before but not like now. It is a daily thing and we go to bed early just so we can cuddle and talk. It seems we fall more deeply in love with each other everyday. I feel very blessed.