Dentist Visit

Today I went to the dentist. This was an event as I am dental phobic and the dentist we have had for the last 10 or so years has retired. Breaking in a new dentist is very difficult as I my mouth is sensitive. As a child, I saw a dentist who looked like Vincent Price. He used to come in and wring his hands and say “and how are we today.” He would always emphasize the ‘we.’ He was creepy. Plus he would do things to my teeth when the anesthetic was not working. I hated him!

I have a couple of root canals I need to get done. This came as a bit of surprise and a couple of crowns. Sadly, I have many fillings that are 25+ years old and some that are very ugly. So I will get the 2 root canals, 2 crowns and 4 fillings done all at once. They use an oral sedation which should help the phobia and the lack of freezing on the bottom. I am sure if I got through a root canal without the additional oral sedation and the option of having nitrous gas too, I should be fine.

In other news it would appear that winter has arrived here on the left coast. It was pouring all night. Hopefully we have a couple of more days of sunshine before it really starts. This is also the beginning of NaBloPoMo – which will see many bloggers manage a post a day for the entire month. I am pretty sure I can do this. I will only run into trouble if I have too many late meetings.