OMG – Who would have thought it?

I am listening to “On the Coast” and Stephen Quinn is talking to Simone List from the Better Business Bureau. Surprisingly, (note the sarcasm here) she says that products and services promote themselves as being green but they are not as green as they often claim.

I read a few green blogs. Most are very good. For example, A little Greener Everyday by Robin Shreeves is excellent. She brings a good mix of ideas and reality to her blog. I highly recommend it. The other thing Robin has going on her blog is critical thinking. She does not assume that just because something says it is green or organic that it is necessarily better for the environment.

In fact, some organic products use more fossil fuels and are worse for the environment than conventionally grown stuff. If you have not read it, I highly recommend the Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan. He chronicles how some organic growing operations (think the nice organic ‘field greens’ comes to mind) is kept at a constant 36 degrees Fahrenheit from the moment it is picked until it arrives at your grocery store. Now, this product may be organic but it is certainly not green.

The bottom line is that one must question what makes a product or service green and there needs to be a rigorous evaluation made.