Oswald Update

dc1725Oswald is about a month out from his permanent tracheostomy. He is doing quite well. Here are some things we have noticed:

  1. Oswald is less anxious. He used to run in circles all the time. This was especially evident in the evenings in the living room when he would run like 20 circles each time before he jumped up on to Deb’s lap. To say this behaviour was annoying is a serious understatement.
  2. He does really well during the day – he doesn’t produce a lot of mucous that has to be cleared all the time. He likes his ‘steaming’ time where we have in breath in steam to loosen mucous.
  3. He still has issues with too much mucous at night. Sometimes it almost completely covers his stoma. He is pretty good about letting me clean it away with a warm facecloth.
  4. He still wants to burrow under the blankets which could be dangerous if he were to inhale the blankets and cover his stoma. But we keep finding him burrowed and he’s still alive so I think we will let him figure it out.
  5. You have to be very careful how you pick him up as it can cover his stoma and then he can’t breathe.
  6. Like the vet said, he is starting to use his nose somewhat for breathing (and smelling!). They did clear out his everted saccules so that he would have a little better breathing function through his upper airway.

We are somewhat surprised by the amount of care his stoma requires. However, we didn’t really have a choice and it was far better to do it now before the summer when he really would have suffered.

Hopefully, we will get our new piece of fence built soon (we have to cut off access to the pond and the long grass at the back of the property. If he were to fall into the pond he would drown immediately and the long grass poses the threat of an aspiration pneumonia. Plus, we can’t see him when he’s back there. I am sure the neighbours will be overjoyed as none of the dogs will be able to get all the way back to bark at their dog.


Day 25 – #365feministselfie

Oswald is continuing to improve. He seems to only cough now when he’s anxious. He’s expelling mucous from his stoma which is great. The mucous production will slow down once he’s healed and those tissues become more accustomed to getting colder air. He has regressed in a number of ways with his behaviour. We saw similar things with Stevie after her major eye trauma. We know that patience and perseverance will get Ozzy through this. Like Stevie, he is a resilient dog. I am going to post his picture below mine as it’s a bit graphic. We didn’t go out of our way to get a pic of his stoma it just happened when he feel asleep last night for a bit. All the staples you see are from where they had to resect his extra skin so that it did not occlude the stoma. All those come out next week.

Our road is currently closed which really sucks. It’s been a long time since that happened.

Screen Shot 2018-01-29 at 3.15.29 PM

Here’s my day 25 picture:

January 29