Eco-Vision Tech – What a Scam

It has really been my week for odd phone calls. First there was the Viagra phone call and yesterday we received a call from a ‘company’[1] called Eco-Vision Tech. The call sounded like it was coming from India. The caller informed that my router was sending out error messages and he was calling from my ‘operating system’s manufacturer. I asked him if he was calling from Apple he said no. At which point I hung up.

This is a scam that has been going on for a while. It happened to my mother as well. What they do is convince you there is something wrong with your computer. Then they sometimes will ask you to install some software[2], which will then make you think there is something wrong with your computer. Another tactic is to direct you to event logs on your computer and telling you that all of those messages are errors. Once they hook you they want your credit card or bank information so they can get money from you.

Calling me was rather useless. I know far too much about computers to be swayed by their scare tactics. But there are a lot of people who do not and may be swayed. I wonder how many people actually fall for this scam? They wanted to charge my mother $200 to ‘fix’ her computer. I am sure that was just the beginning. Clearly this is where they make their money. I am sure many people hang up on them and don’t get sucked in. I can imagine it could be pretty compelling if you have someone on the phone telling you your computer is sending out error messages and that your computer is going to die.

I think we all need to talk to our parents or others who may be vulnerable to this scam. They need to know that a random call like this is a scam and they simply need to hang up. Hopefully if enough people are warned this scam will cease to work.


[1] I use the word ‘company’ very loosely here.

[2] Referred to as scareware.

Why is anyone surprised & some other thoughts

So Stephen Harper has appointed 3 failed Conservative candidates to the Senate. Even though Harper harped on for years about the unelected Senate being a repository for washed-up Liberal hacks, he is not above using it for the same purpose. The fact that he made these appointments in spite of his ‘belief’ that the Senate should be elected should not really surprise anyone. I hate to say it but this is only a sign of things to come. Harper is really a despot in disguise as Prime Minister. Now with a majority government his real nature will come out and I don’t think it will be pretty. It is too bad that over 40% of Canadians did not bother to vote. We definitely need electoral reform in this country.

Has anyone noticed that a lot of the police procedurals like Law and Order: SVU, Criminal Minds and others in the genre are getting really bad? Some of the story lines of late have been absolutely pathetic. Take one recent SVU episode about ‘reproductive abusers’ in which John Stamos played a guy who tricked women into getting pregnant and having his children. I thought Mariska Hargitay was going to choke every time she had to get out the words ‘reproductive abuser.’ There also seem to be crimes presented that are so bizarre that I doubt how any of them could be possible. It seems like these shows have pretty much run their course.

Molly went to the vet today to have her nails trimmed and her anal glands done. She had been scooting off and on for a week, so I decided it was time to take her in. I can’t believe how much fluid she had in the glands! It was a lot. She was very good for the vet! Oh and she has lost a whopping 10 grams! Woo hoo Molly girl! Molly continues to do very well. We seem to have her collapsing trachea under control. As soon as she starts to cough we get right on it with the hydrocodone cough syrup and it does not seem to progress into a non-stop hack anymore. Molly is very popular at the vet’s office!

Now it is time for the annual PSA about not leaving dogs in cars when you go inside somewhere. Even today, which was only about 22 degrees it was far too hot to leave Molly in the car while I went to Subway.  Because Molly is so small and uber-portable, I brought her in with me. No one said anything. Even with the windows down, cars can become extremely hot in just minutes. Dogs can die very quickly in hot vehicles. In the heat, do your dog a favour and leave her home where it is cooler. In the lower mainland only about 4 months[1] are too hot to leave your dog in the car. Dogs can go for rides in cars in the summer you just can’t do any errands and leave them there.

[1] June, July, August and September. Although June and September can have some days where it is cool enough. Anything over 19 or 20 degrees celcius is too hot to leave the dog in the car.

More on the Dentist

Dental phobia is something that has plagued me my entire life. I have lived in fear of a tooth hurting because that would mean I would have to go to the dentist. The thought of the needles for the freezing would get me weeping. Actually trying to get through one took everything I had. Once my teeth were frozen the fear and the fear of pain was nowhere near over.

If the dentist was working on my top teeth generally it was all right as those teeth froze. I could kind of go away and put up with whatever it was the dentist had to do. Luckily for me, most of the work I have had done has been on the top. I have had root canals and extractions on the top and it has all been ok. Not a walk in the park mind you, but tolerable.

When I initially had a lot of dental work done about 25 years ago, I needed a lot of work on my bottom front teeth. They put in white filling material but they used the wrong colour. Plus, they have never felt very solid and have always been sensitive. Even when they did finally manage to freeze them, they had to go down and intercept the nerve. This was preferable to them drilling them when they were not frozen. And therein lies the source of my dental phobia. As a child, I would always tell the dentist that my tooth wasn’t frozen and he would not stop nor believe me. I even had teeth pulled for space and the teeth were not frozen. I was completely and utterly traumatized

Enter oral sedation for dentistry. I had come a long way in dealing with my phobia. However, the thought of sitting through 2 root canals and several fillings filled me with horror, especially because the bulk of the work was on the bottom teeth. The sedation meant that I could have the work done and not have all the anxiety and trauma associated with dental work.

If you or someone you know who has a dental phobia please tell them about oral sedation. If you can’t find a dentist to do it, just post to the comments and I will help you out!

PSA: YOU are the Cause of Accidents!!!

To the Asshole who cut me off this morning:

Perhaps you were not paying attention. Maybe you were talking on your phone or maybe you just shouldn’t have a license. Turning right in front of someone doing 70 or 80 km/h is not ok. Then, to add insult to injury, you went 20 km/h under the speed limit! Am trying so hard not to road rage. I spend far too much time on the road to participate in too much road rage. It is also far too hard on my anxiety levels when I let road rage take over me. You did not help today. Luckily the lab was not busy when I got there and that made me happier.

Seriously though, take this as a PSA: Try and gauge the speed that the car you want to turn in front of is going before you pull in front. This way you will not cause an accident that will be deemed someone else’s fault or cause them to have insane road rage at your stupidity!

NB: not that any of my loyal readers (who sometimes number in the triple digits if you can believe it) would ever do something like that!

Dispatches from the Swamp – the Handcuff Edition + a PSA

Zoe continues to grow and change, literally in front of eyes. Her colours continue to change. At this rate there is not going to be much white left on our formerly white dog. Then there is her ‘tude! She has one as big as the Grand Canyon. She does things her way all day every day. When I eat in the living room she sits on the leg support of my chair and paws at me when I don’t feed her fast enough. So I come up with what I think is a perfect solution: If she bugs me, I lower the foot rest slowly and she goes to the floor. Well little Mz. Shihtzu goes down once and then down twice. The third time I was about to lower her she launches off the footrest, on to my chest and ultimately closer to the food. What a dog!

I’ve avoided commenting on the MV Sun Sea for many reasons. However today I just couldn’t take it anymore today. They are bringing out the refugees in handcuffs. Handcuffs. Why on earth do you need to handcuff an approximately 20-year old woman in handcuffs? Today, I was ashamed to be a Canadian. Why our government feels the need to handcuff people who fled their home country due to civil war and political unrest is beyond me. What danger did this young woman pose today?

I am also extremely tired of all the call-in talk shows on the CBC that seem to cater to white, straight men speaking with all of the privilege they enjoy in this great country. They seem to have so little compassion for those who are less fortunate. By accident of birth they are here in this country instead of Sri Lanka.

I am sick to death of the heat. My hemoglobin dropped by 10 points in a week! I am thinking that it must be the heat and the stress it induces in my world. I could tell something was off because of my fatigue level. Low hemoglobin combined with ulcerative colitis fatigue makes me really, really tired. Bring on the beef and the iron supplements.

Now for the PSA: I am happy that there is a cold front moving in. I am sad that it will be bad for the forest fire situation though. Apparently the entire province of BC is extremely dry. It is so dry in fact that the provincial government is asking people not to go camping in the back country. I hope folks heed this warning because outrunning a forest fire is not very likely. Although I cannot find a link to the request for people not to go to the back country. Here is a link to the forest fire situation.

PSA of the Day

Apparently there are more warnings out about salmonella and head cheese. I used to eat head cheese as a child when I was at my great-grandmother’s apartment. Once I knew what it was I could not even fathom the thought of eating it. So this PSA is for all of you who still eat head cheese.