Viagra Complaints Department

So the Viagra complaints department called us today…! It was a very odd conversation and I actually think it may have been a prank but who knows. Deb witnessed this conversation so I know I didn’t imagine it. Here is the conversation:

Me: Hello

Viagra Complaint Representative: Hi is Shihtzustaff[1] there?

Me: Speaking.

Viagra Complaint Representative: I am calling from the main manufacturing plant for Viagra.

Me: Viagra? I am a woman, I don’t take Viagra.

Viagra Complaint Representative: Well someone at your address received a sample of Viagra and had a complaint about side effects.

Me: Complaints about Viagra? We are lesbians! We don’t take Viagra.

Viagra Complaint Representative: Is your address 123 Cherry Street?

Me: I will not confirm my address for you. I think this call is a scam.

Viagra Complaint Representative: It is not a scam. Is Mr. Shihtzustaff there?

Me: No! I told you there are no men here. We are lesbians.

Viagra Complaint Representative: Then who got the Viagra?

Me: I don’t know! There are no men here…well except the male dogs but they are fixed. At which point he hung up!

This phone call was hands down the strangest one I have ever answered. I only picked it up because we had Shaw coming today and the tech might have had a blocked number. He really had a hard time wrapping his head around the fact that we were lesbians. Way too funny!


[1] I have a short form androgynous first name.