In our mail today.
In our mail today.

I picked up the mail today as I usually do on my way home. We live in the country and we do not have mail delivery to our door. In amongst the usual detritus from Canada Post was a hand-written envelope that did not have a return address on it or our postal code. I did not think much of it when I picked it up. I actually thought it was probably a thank you card and a tax receipt from a rescue we had donated to recently. Boy was I wrong.

Deb opened the envelope and inside were a bunch of religious tracts. At first we thought whoever sent them was a Jehovah’s Witness because of the one on blood. However, after further reading and investigation it appears that it is some wing nut evangelical christian who has sent this to us. Most of the tracts come from Moments with the Book. This appears to be an evangelical site selling tracts to other believers. The others come from Evangelical Tracts – which is based in Canada. The front page of their website describes how happy the youth are who have just received their tracts as they get ready to spread the word in Hong Kong. Very disturbing indeed!

We both feel like we have been violated. The fact that there is someone out there who knows us and who has chosen to send us this crap is, well, disturbing. There is a feeling of being violated as we would never allow this stuff into our house. Now, we are trying to figure out who sent it. We had some religious people at the door a couple of weeks ago – did they do it? We are going through everyone we know trying to figure out if they could have sent it. We really have no idea who sent it. We can’t glean much from the envelope except that whoever wrote knows cursive writing quite well. We believe it was mailed very close to our house as it is stamped with our postal code. Other than that we are stymied.

The Conservative Rats are Jumping Ship!!

In light of the probable upcoming federal election, it would appear that the Conservative rats are jumping ship. Unfortunately the ones who are quitting provided most of the depth of experience to Harper’s cabinet. David Emerson, Loyola Hearn and Monte Solberg have announced that they are not running again.

It comes as no surprise to me that David Emerson has decided to quit. After being elected a Liberal in Vancouver-Kingsway and crossing the floor to become a Conservative Cabinet Minister – his chances of re-election were slim and none. He was the target of a very long “de-elect Emerson” campaign that one can still see lawn signs for in the riding. No doubt he would have been dogged by disgruntled constituents whereever he went with no hope of even winning his seat. David Emerson, while unable to listen to his constituents certainly can read the writing on the wall.

Losing three key cabinet ministers does not bode well for the Harpies. It is hard not to speculate as to why. While it is clear why Emerson is not running again, that is not the case with Hearn and Solberg. One has to wonder if the short leash Harper keeps his cabinet ministers on has begun to feel like a stranglehold. No doubt as they head into the election Harper’s minions are going to be everywhere to ensure that everyone stays on message. Unfortunately for Harper, radical right-wingers are notoriously hard to control. Rob Anders is a perfect example of an MP with radical right-wing views who is hard to control. He once called Nelson Mandela a terrorist! He has also had controversy and court challenges to his continued nominations by acclamation.

By pulling the plug on his own minority government Stephen Harper risks losing it all. Some Canadians are going to view him as greedy and arrogant thinking that he can get and deserves a majority government.  Canadians are not generally favourably disposed to avarice and pomposity. We tend to like our politicians humble and simple. Just ask Brian Mulroney…

Can Stephane be the ‘little Liberal who could?’

So, folks, it looks as though we are going to have an election. Nothing official so I guess we are in the official unofficial period before the actual election is called. The Conservatives (Cons hereafter) have already started their attack ads. It looks like the Liberals are in complete disarray and don’t stand a chance in hell of even getting a minority government….but…you never know what can happen and I would argue (and seriously hope) that Stephane Dion has been completely underestimated.

Now, the skeptics among you would definately laugh at me. I think the man needs serious pressure to actually accomplish something. Look at what he did in the Liberal Leadership Race. He was not expected to win it – he was fourth when the convention started behind an ex-hockey player. Yet somehow, through guile and wit he pulled it off. Granted he needed three votes to actually win it but he does have cred as a dragon slayer. He took down Michael Ignatieff and Bob Rae both formidable politicial opponents. To their credit, they have remained loyal to him even though he took them out, so to speak.

Another thing about minority governments (here is where that Masters degree in history comes in handy) in Canada is that the party that forces the election generally pays at the polls. This realty combined with the fact that the Liberals were in shape to have an election has kept Stephane from pulling the plug. It has made him look like a patsy. I am hoping this is strategy on his part. He certainly didn’t look like leadership material going into the convention and he was seriously underestimated by his opponents. I seriously hope the Cons and Harpie make the same mistake. They are just arrogant enough (somewhat like Michael Ignatieff) that this is a real possibility.

One can also hope that one of Harper’s right-wing nutbars will shoot his or her mouth off creating a big gaffe for Harper to deal with. It is one thing to control a tight group of caucus members, it is quite another to control every candidate in every far flung area in Canada. I believe this is a reasonable hope as right wingers have a penchant for doing this kind of thing. Which is why Harper has kept such a tight lid on his caucus.

We shall all now start wishing and hoping (praying, meditating..whatever works for you!!) for a Liberal Minority Government.

I am going to hope that Stephane is going to be the little Liberal who could…either that or I am completely delusional and will require serious medication.