Pet Peeves: Sarah McLachlan

So, news flash, Sarah McLachlan has put out yet another compilation re-hash of old material. Her latest disc, Closer, boasts 2 new tracks. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am tired of being worked by the Sarah McLachlan machine. She has 18 discs out yet only 5, a mere 27%, are completely new material. We have had at least 2 discs of “B-sides and Rarities”* there have been discs of re-makes, live albums, Lilith Fair etc. This latest ‘album’ is a serious slap in the face to her fans. She expects us to pony up another $10-$15 for music we already have just so we can get 2 new songs? Are we that desperate? Apparently, Sarah McLachlan is banking on it. She is also hoping that we going to be so titillated by her new single status that we will be scanning her new song lyrics for any hint of personal information. Well, I have to say that I am completely done buying Sarah McLachlan’s music. It all sounds the same, because it is the same stuff hashed over and over and over again.

*Sarah McLachlan’s career has mostly spanned the post-45 record era. There are no B-sides to cds.