I Write Letters: Animal Fur

Hi <redacted> – I am a proud owner of a pair of <redacted> boots. I have to say that I am disgusted to see that your company is using fur. Unlike leather, where most parts of the cow are used, fur-bearing animal killed just for their fur. Sometimes they are trapped using inhumane methods and suffer. I cannot believe with all the faux fur available on the market, a company such as <redacted>, would exploit small animals in this manner. I am sure your design team is capable of coming up with other designs that do not utilize real animal fur.

I suggest you take some time to educate yourself about how animals are exploited in the fur market. The Fur-Bearer Defenders have an excellent website and can be a resource for your team. I hope to hear, very soon, that <redacted> has decided to stop using animal fur on your shoes and boots.

The animal rescue community is very well organized and large. Having your company’s name associated with the exploitation is a huge potential customer base you will be alienating. I will not purchase any more <redacted> until such time as you stop using animal fur. I will also tell everyone I know about why I am not purchasing <redacted> anymore. I hope that you can get back to me soon to advise me that you are no longer using animal fur in the making of your shoes and boots. Thank you.



I have a confession to make…

Here it goes: I have a shoe fetish. I love shoes and boots. I love them in all sorts of colours and styles. Some of my regular readers would remember the great Fluevog saga  and here of 2010. I wore my Fluevog boots all winter and I loved them!

I am blaming my friend Wandering Coyote for my new round of shoe desires. I have had 2 pairs of Doc Martens. I had a black pair in my early thirties which I wore until they wore out. Now I have a pair of brown Docs, which I also love. Then WC had to go and post pictures of 2 favourite things: the colour purple and Doc Martens. Check them out:

Amazing purple boots!!!

I also love Maryjane style shoes. These are so lovely I am literally drooling over them:

Double buckle Maryjanes

Then I found these:

These are lovely too!

But these, these are my favourites! Red, Doc Marten buckle boots. I wear red and black when I have something important to do and these boots would be a most lovely complement. Here they are:

I love these boots!!

I think my love of shoes comes from the fact that I never have trouble trying on and buying shoots. I do not have odd-sized feet, nor are my feet wide given my size. Shoes always fit unlike clothes. Although clothes shopping is not as bad as it used to be given the proximity of Suzanne Bell’s Fashions in Vancouver. I highly suspect I will be sporting at least a new pair of red buckle Doc Martens by next fall!

Breaking in the Fluevogs

After finally finding the Fluevog store on Thursday and getting my burgundy Derby Swirl boots I could not wait to wear them on Friday. I was a little concerned about how difficult they may be to break but decided to go ahead anyway.

Things went ok but by the time I got to the office my right foot was starting to hurt. My right foot is slightly bigger than my left so it makes sense that was where I would have trouble. The boot was cutting across the top of my foot in the middle. I loosened the laces and that helped a little. I was able to get through the rest of the day although the walk to the car was very painful. I had to change into other shoes when I got home.

I was determined to break them in so I wore them again on Saturday. My right foot screamed initially but then it laid off. I did a bunch of errands and it was ok. I lasted for most of the day with them on but finally had to change out of them around 7 pm.

Today I put them on and they feel pretty good. I have a little discomfort in my right foot but it is not bad at all. I have been on my feet a bit today and so far everything is fine with very little discomfort. Hopefully I have either broken in the boots or my feet.

The soles on these boots are amazing. They are so comfortable and it feels like you are walking on air. The soles are very cushy and seem to bounce back a little when you walk. I have never had shoes like these before.

Here are some pictures:


Fluevogs Squeee!!!




Very shiny!


I think the soles are one of the most important differences between Fluevogs and other shoes. It feels like you are walking on air. Very nice.


Soles of my Fluevogs