Phoning it in

I am feeling like crap. I didn’t get enough sleep in spite of going to bed early. I am still recovering from my virus. Oh and if all that weren’t enough my ulcerative colitis has decided to act up. Catch you all tomorrow.


I am sick. I have a sore throat. I am dizzy and running a fever on and off again. I am sure I got it from someone at work, as there are now three of us with this thing. I am hoping I fight it off overnight.

In other news, I killed a wasp today. This is a huge advancement in my evolution as a human being. I have been phobic of wasps and bees my entire life. I have never been stung so I am not sure what I am afraid of but I have always been.

Other than that nothing much to report.


So I can now tell everyone the news I alluded to the other day. My doctor and I agree that I need to take a 6-week leave from work. The last 6 months have been very difficult for me and the stress has taken a toll on my ulcerative colitis. I know where this path leads if I don’t do something now. I really do not want to be hospitalized a 3rd time because of this unrelenting disease. Normally, I manage my ulcerative colitis quite well but it has just not been possible this time around.

I plan to get as much rest as I can. I desperately need to sleep. I am looking forward to not having to commute in to Vancouver everyday. There is some work I need to finish up by July 15th. At least by working from home I can also get some much needed rest and then I will start my leave. I have some lieu time and some sick time and then I will probably apply for medical EI. At least that is how I think it will play out. There are some unknowns at this moment.

In other NEWS, I stepped on a dead mouse and popped its entrails!!! Ick!!! It was in the house, in front of my chair. I am hoping the thing was dead before I popped it. I thought I had stepped in shit. Plus I keep reliving that moment!!

We are going to Calgary this weekend for my mother’s 75th birthday. My relationship with her has changed so much since the cruise. I think, for the first time in my life, I am the favourite daughter. She is so thrilled that we are coming for her birthday. It was very last minute. She basically sprang it on my last Sunday night and I needed to make a decision almost immediately. So we are going for a short, weekend trip.

Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘my poor mother edition’

  • Yesterday morning Deb woke me up because my mother was on the phone in a panic. Apparently, some company in India had been calling her and telling her that her AVG free virus protection was not working. They were telling her that her computer was infected with a virus and it had ‘filled’ her hard drive. They told her that her computer would stop working imminently. The caller had her on the phone for over an hour and a half. They wanted her bank account information so they could take $200 to ‘fix’ her computer. When she told me all of this, I told her to turn off her computer and not to answer the phone. Today, I managed to connect to her computer through remote assistance and there was nothing wrong. I felt so bad for her. She was quite scared and upset. She said she didn’t give them her banking information, which is good. Unlike a lot of seniors, she at least has someone to call and get some help. I encouraged her to call the police but she said she was not up to it.
  • Today is day 3 of antibiotics and I am starting to feel a little better. Getting pneumonia is quite indicative of the state of my health. I am so fatigued, I feel as though I could sleep for a month. I have made some decisions, however, I can’t really say what those decisions are at this time.




Another day

I have been convinced by Deb to take the antibiotics so I have started. I think it was the right decision. I am still having trouble breathing and can feel that my lungs are congested. I have 5 days to get feeling better before I am back to work. This illness is really colouring my view of the world. I just feel so crappy.

In other news – all the dogs are doing well. Our dogs are so well behaved it astounds me at times. This afternoon (I didn’t wake up until 1:30 pm) Kiefer, Sienna, Piper, Sawyer and Zoe all wanted outside. As soon as I opened the door, Diesel[1], started to bark scream. Piper ran the fence and barked for about 45 seconds then she stopped. Diesel continued until one of his people started to scream at him to stop. Zoe started and I asked her to stop, which she did immediately. Meanwhile the rest of the dogs were just frolicking and running and not barking. It must make the neighbours crazy how well behaved our crew is outside. Our saving grace over the years of having many dogs at a time is that we have never allowed txhem to bark outside. We try to be as considerate as possible when it comes to the neighbours.

She just ate something good!

Right now Zoe[2] is harassing me for my dinner. She is absolutely relentless. This is a daily ritual. First she starts by pawing at my leg. When that is ineffectual she does it harder while growling and barking at me. If I recline my chair then she jumps up and starts climbing up on me. We have learned that we can never win with her. I am guessing she needed all this tenacity to survive her previous life where she was made to produce puppies. Now, she is queen of the Swamp and couldn’t be happier!

The 'eye'


She is so cute!

[1] The barking machine who lives next door.

[2] Whose nickname right now is ‘Cindy Lou Who’ because of how her hair is cut. She is actually answering to Cindy right now.

Health Update

I went to see the doctor today and I have fluid on my lungs. I am going to have pneumonia if I am not careful. So I have antibiotics (blech) and I am staying home tomorrow to try and rest and shake this thing. I am really having trouble breathing as the fluid is wreaking havoc with my asthma. My doctor also gave me a prescription for a stronger asthma inhaler. I hope I feel better soon as it has been a really long haul.

One of those days

Today is one of those days where every thing seems dark and hopeless to me. I am tired and (still) sick. I feel unappreciated for the things I do and I really don’t feel like going on. I am sure it will pass eventually. It is just a dark day for me.

This and that

What the hell is up with the weather? I have turned the heat off in the house like 3 times since May. Again, today, I had to turn it back on in the living room as I was freezing. Not that I want it to get hot but really it would be nice not to have to heat the house.

I have been so sick this week, I have not even had the energy to eat and cook. I managed to marinate some chicken today and hopefully I will have the energy to cook it and eat it. This virus has been the worst thing I have had in a very long time. I know I have been whining and whinging about being sick for days. I am a little concerned that I am developing bronchitis as I am coughing and I have crackly lungs – never a good sign for an asthmatic.

I plan to do nothing this weekend. I have to work on Monday, which never makes me happy so it is a short weekend. At least I have a long weekend next week with Canada Day. I really need to recover my energy as I am going to be extremely busy over the next couple of months.

Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘I need the plague to go away’ edition

  • We decided to get Bella groomed this summer. Mostly the decision was made because I was going away for a week and she mats as soon as I am away. She got a lion cut. She looks absolutely adorable. We could certainly see all the weight she lost as a result of her hyper-thyroid. She lost about 8 pounds. It was very hard to see how much she had lost under all that hair. Her demeanor has completely changed since she was shaved. She is much more interactive and demanding for attention. She preens around as if to say: “look at me, aren’t I cute?” It is too funny!
Isn't Bella adorable!!!
  • I have named this virus the ‘motherfuckervirus.’ It is one of the worst illnesses I have had in a long time. I have had a sore throat, congestion, fevers, hot sweats, cold sweats, and fatigue plus it has settled in my lungs and I am coughing. It also never seems to get better. It is slowly going away but after being laid out flat for 3 days I have to go to work now. I am tired of sweating and feeling like I am going to pass out every time I move. It looks like everyone here is coming down with it too. I am very sorry.

Gratuitous Piper Pug picture.!

Piper is so cute!


I went back to work today after my vacation and being sick this week. Wow. I did not check any email for the whole time. Funny thing, the longer I went without checking my email the less I wanted to check it. When I finally checked this morning, I had 239! Uggh. Other than that it was fine except I feel like crap.

I am feeling slightly better today. But the roving fevers have been a little much. I seem to be ok as long as I don’t move around too much. If I do, I seem to sweat uncontrollably and cough.  At least my hands and arms don’t hurt today. Yesterday, I couldn’t even make a fist yesterday.

I hope to be back to some sort of normal content soon!