Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘feeling a bit better’

• I just started to watch SYTYCD Canada. We had been recording it since it started. I am not sure if it is just me but I rarely find that Tre or Jean-Marc have much to add to the commentary. Tre is too busy trying to like a cross between a Jamaican and Lil C; she does neither well. Jean-Marc’s main contribution continues to be to pump up the audience by praising the choreographers loudly. I would much rather listen to Luther ‘nasty situation’ Brown or Mary Murphy. I am not really sure why Tre and Jean-Marc remain as the anchor judges. Perhaps this is why they have been sending Mary Murphy up every week.
• The dancers on the US version of SYTYCD seem quite a bit stronger than the Canadian version this year. While the eliminations on the American version have been very difficult to predict, it is easy to figure out who should go home.
• The time off seems to be helping. Even though I was not officially done until last Thursday. Just not having to get up and be somewhere has made a big difference to my mood. My fatigue level has dropped – I am no longer sleeping until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. No longer being tired all the time helps with my anxiety level. Not having to drag myself somewhere everyday and not being sure how I am going to do it reduces my anxiety too. A less anxious Shihtzustaff is a very good thing.
• So we watched the first episode of True Blood last night. I have to say I didn’t get it. It did absolutely nothing for me. Am I missing something? Does it get better? Maybe I am not the target audience…
• All of the dogs are doing really well. Kiefer and Piper are going in to see the vet on Monday. We need to find out what is going on with Piper’s breathing and we think Kiefer has an eye infection.

Dispatches from the Swamp – the whatever I want edition

I think these are my favourite posts because I can just do what I want!

  • I am watching SYTYCD – the first competition night. But what I really want to know is what happened to make Mary Murphy move aside so that Mia Michaels is now a permanent judge. I liked Mary and I think there is going to be something missing from the show.
  • I am starting to feel better, I think. I have had a closer to a normal appetite for the last couple of days and I feel like the fog is lifting. I think it is the imuran kicking in a bit and calming my immune system down. One thing that having an overactive immune system causes flu-like systems like fever, chills, fatigue and general malaise. I have a bit more energy. The big clue for me that I am feeling better is that I am enjoying driving and listening to music. Hopefully the imuran and all the other wonderful drugs I have to use* and take will begin to make a big difference for me. There is still a long way to go. I still have lots of pain and other issues but at least I feel like I can handle it.
  • I love it when Deb takes the little dogs up to bed before I go. They run around and it sounds like a herd of elephants. It is hysterical!
  • For some odd reason Back to my Mac has started to work on my Mac Mini that I have at work. Nothing has changed. The problem was the NAT port mapping and/or the Universal Plug ‘n play wasn’t working on the new modem at the office. At one point, I tried to use my airport extreme to extend the signal and add the NAT. After I did this it told me that I had to disable NAT because the two modems were doing it. To say that I was beyond frustration is mild. It worked for about 2 days in the beginning and then it stopped. It is now working so I guess we will see how long it lasts…
  • I have to say that I am so grateful that I love my job. I work with people I like, I get to help people I like and I get to learn and expand my skills. I am lucky and I know it.
  • Wow! I just heard the Jeff Buckley version of Hallelujah! Amazing!

*Salofalk enemas which I completely resent having to do!

So You Think You Can Dance

Is it just me or has there been far too much SYTYCD? We had both the American and Canadian this summer. The Canadian edition ended while the American version was running through the auditions. Beyond the SYTYCD saturation I really think Season 6 of the American show has had a few problems. Here are my thoughts:

  • Assigning a permanent 3rd judge, Adam Shankman, has weakened the judging overall. Personally, I always enjoyed having the rotating 3rd judge as it gave us a different perspective. I loved Lil C’s commentary and observations. Mary and Nigel have their strengths and I think they are very strong. Of all the choreographers they could have chosen to be a permanent judge did it have to be Shankman? He basically just repeats what others have to say or he blathers on and on. There was certainly no competent hip hop or krump judging. I  hope that they revert to the previous format.
  • information packages – for some reason on some weeks of the show they have dispensed with the info packages before the dances. I have always found those very interesting as we got to hear what the dancers thought as they learned the routines. Hearing what the choreographers have to say is very interesting and gives us some insight into them.
  • Why are there 6 dancers in the finale? It is too many for a finale. The way they did it before where everybody danced with everyone else was a great way to see the dancers perform and to be able to compare them.
  • I hate the new stage. It seems to big for the show. Plus why do they have to display weird things behind the dancers.

I certainly hope the rescue this ‘hot tamale’ train wreck.