Madison is back to normal…

Well Madison has made a full recovery. She is walking as she did before. She has a good appetite and is eliminating well. Even her bright eyes and smile are back.

We are so relieved. We do know that Madison is 15 and this is likely to happen again and next time we may not be so lucky. In the meantime we will shower her with everything her little heart desires. She will get lots of treats and extra attention. It is not often we get a second chance with our senior dogs.

We adopted Madison 10 years ago from the Animal Rescue Foundation in Calgary. Madison was a typical reserve dog – the type that ARF rescues. She had been rescued once from the reserve and spent some time with a family. They had a 12 year old boy who tormented her and she did not like men. Angela from ARF was overjoyed when I called and said we were looking for a dog and that there were no men in our house. It seemed that Madison was a perfect fit. We had her over for a sleep over and all went well so we adopted her.


Madison had a stroke last night…

On our way up to bed Madison had a stroke at the top of the stairs. She was able to get up and walk to her bed in our room but then she could not get up after that. We spend a restless night with her. We checked on her often and she seemed to be ok. This morning we got her up with a little assistance from a sling and helped her walk to the end of the hallway. She was then able to make it down the stairs on her steam and outside to pee. She is resting now. We shot this video of her this morning as we realized we did not have any of her doing her trademark singing and leading everyone in the Thomas Family Canine Tabernacle Choir. Enjoy!