WTF is wrong with people?


Amongst today’s headlines is one that demonstrates that we, as a society, are pretty fucking stupid. Apparently gas can be had for $.80 a litre in Bellingham. So what do people in the Lower Mainland do? Well, they flock down there, en masse and fill up their cars. But they don’t just stop with their cars, no; they fill up plastic gas cans. Some vehicles have been seen pulling away with upwards of 4, 25 litre gas cans to take home.

These people are attempting to demonstrate evolution in action. Imagine you are booking down the highway, giggling to yourself about how much money you saved getting your gas in Bellingham and all of a sudden you are rear-ended or you hit someone else. A minor accident turns into a fireball that could kill you (hopefully) or some unfortunate victim. Who in their right mind drives with 100 extra litres of gas in their car?

Apparently one woman was seen with 4 gas cans in the back of her car. She definitely gets the village idiot award because she didn’t bother putting the lids on correctly. She left them with the spouts pointing out. So now she is going to get high on gas fumes driving home.

So, fucking, stupid.