Soft-Palate Resection

Piper has her surgery tomorrow. I won’t know any details about it until we meet with the surgeon tomorrow morning. I read over Can-West’s website and it says that Pipes will likely be sedated for 12 hours. She has to stay over night. I am hopeful we can pick her up the next day. I will update tomorrow.

Piper and Kiefer update

Today Piper and Kiefer went to the vet for some issues. We took Pipes because of her breathing issues and Kiefer for an eye infection. We saw Dr. Sara Ralph at Eastridge Animal Hospital.

The good news was that neither Piper nor Kiefer were declared obese. In fact she said they both had good body form. Piper could stand to lose a bit but she was ok. Apparently Piper has developed brachycephalic syndrome, which has to do with having an elongated soft palate due to the fact that their faces are shorter. There is other tissue, like the epiglottis, that also plays a role in impeding her ability to breathe. She also has very tiny nostrils.


The next step is for them to sedate her and have a really good look at what is going on and then a referral to a surgeon if that is what needs to happen. I think we will get the surgery for her otherwise her quality and quantity of life will be compromised. They can also make her nostrils bigger to make breathing easier. I have posted on a pug forum to get their take on the surgery. We want to make the best decision possible for her.

Kiefer has an eye infection and something irritating the bottom of his paws, which is likely a contact allergy/dermatitis. Deb gets to bathe his feet in special shampoo and put some cream on them! At least it is not the other part!

Kiefer with those feet Deb will be bathing soon!