I am Mabel and I Approve this Message

As all the regular readers will know, Mabel is our 17 year old shihtzu who lives in the laundry room (her choice) and who sleeps most of time. When she is awake she is generally barking for one of two things: she wants out or she wants food. Usually in that order and Lord help you if you are not quick enough to please her Highness. Lately Deb has taken to trying to reason with her to get her to stop barking. She thinks it is working, I am not so sure. My strategy with our Dear Despot is to respond quickly. When she starts I let her out, get her food ready, let her back in and give her the food, hopefully without a bark.

Now, on to the food. Whenever you give Mabel food she looks at it, looks at you and then goes back to it. The look seems to be saying: “couldn’t you do better than this?” or “the service here really sucks” or “I had this an hour a go couldn’t you have gone shopping.” You get the idea, she is a despot with high standards. Now, keep in mind this dog is not eating old roy. She is eating freshly cooked chicken, ground beef, her beloved ‘Cesar’ (although we balk at this, life without Cesar for Mabel is way too difficult for us). She loves her chicken and beef and adores her Cesar.

Recently Deb made a trip to Surrey Meat Packers to check out what they had as the prices seemed reasonable. Yesterday she got her first taste of their ground chicken with bone and she loved it. Later Deb gave her some Cesar because we didn’t have any more thawed and she was not impressed. She didn’t even eat it all!

This morning she was up early barking, which is not normal for her Highness – she usually sleeps until at least the crack of 4 pm. I tried to let her out – she wouldn’t go. I went and got her some food. Lucky for me there was ground chicken with bone thawed so I gave her some. I put it on the floor and she raced over to it and didn’t even give me a condescending look. I think Mabel likes the new food…