Federal Election 2008: Lorne Mayencourt

Mayencourt’s candidacy in Vancouver Centre is not sitting well with me. I am not sure how he can justify running with a party that is as blatantly homophobic as the Cons. Seriously, these people would repeal the same-sex marriage legislation (if they thought they could get away with it and the Supreme Court would let them). What self-respecting member of the LGTBQ community would willingly put themselves in such a hostile environment? It was bad enough when he ran for the BC Liberals and was elected. However, the BC Liberals do not seem to openly hate the LGTBQ community like the Cons do. Does Little Lorne think that Stevie is going to let him play in his sandbox? Does he think he is going to get a cabinet position if he should with (which, in all likelihood, he will not)? Vancouver Centre seems to have a love-in going with Hedy Fry and it is likely she will be re-elected.

I really do not understand what Lorne thinks he has to gain from this candidacy. Is it show that the Cons are not bigots? Sorry, that won’t fly as they have shown themselves to be bigots many times. The cancellation of the Court Challenges Program was one of their first acts and a way to muzzle critics. Does Lorne think, if he is elected, that the Cons will get together in caucus and sing “Its a Small World” to welcome him to the party? It is more likely than not someone will call him a faggot, kick him and run away. Is Lorne so desperate for the limelight that he will put himself in bed with the enemy? Sadly, I think that is the case. I also think Lorne may have a case of internalized homophobia – why else would he support a party who would turn the clock back on LGTBQ rights?

Really, the only one who stands to gain from a Mayencourt victory in Vancouver Centre is Tim Stevenson.