Swamp Lists: 10 Reasons I love dogs

  1. Dogs love you unconditionally – to them you are a hero.
  2. Everything you do is interesting to your dog. Want to go to the bathroom alone? Forget it that’s very interesting.[1]
  3. Every single dog is an individual. They all have their quirks and little weird behaviors that make them incredibly endearing.[2]
  4. They provide free entertainment for your guests. At our house, Sawyer always treats guests to the ‘humpy bunny’ show. Not to be missed at The Swamp!
  5. They will assist you with your diet. It is really hard to eat a lot with 12 eyes staring at you expectantly.
  6. I love sleeping with the dogs. The little snores and breathing sounds are very comforting.
  7. The happy dog dance that ensues whether you have been gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours. It never fails to make my heart sing.
  8. The gentle affection between dogs is so powerful.
  9. The sheer joy on their faces as they chase each other through the house and we try not to get tripped.
  10. The way your dog looks up at you like you are their universe.

[1] Sometimes it seems like the dogs think the bathroom is magic portal that is going to transport you to a new and very interesting place without them!

[2] And sometimes a little frustrating.