Why I love Shihtzus

I must confess, of all the breeds, Shihtzus (or shihtheads as I like to call them) are my favourite. I became a breed afficianado through an accident of fortune. My grandmother got a Shihtzu after her Maltese died. The reason she chose a shihtzu is because my mother had mentioned that she might get one. My grandmother always did everything my mother did. As a family (with the exception of my brother) had decided that we would not help her get another dog because she was slipping into dementia and had always been abusive towards her dogs. Finally she convinced my brother to take her to get a Shihtzu. Enter Twinkie.

My grandmother knew nothing about shihtzus. She especially did not know they were stubborn as hell. After she had the dog for a couple of months she ended up in the hospital and Twink came to live with me. I will spare you all the horrible details of what she had done to that dog – suffice it to say it took about 5 years with me before the dog did not cower at the sight of a broom. I completely fell in love with this little dog! And who wouldn’t? Look at that face!

The Chunk
The Chunk was quite the hedonist!

Twink was re-named “The Chunk” when Deb met her and it suited her much more.

Without further ado – here is my list:

1. Shihtzus are hedonists – they live for pleasure whether it is food, comfort or attention.

2. Shihtzus make an amazing array of human noises. They belch, fart, and snore.

3. Shihtzus have special noises they make when you are petting them. It is almost like a cat’s purr. Zoe has happy shihthead noises down to a science.

4. Shihtzus like to cuddle – and as they cuddle they engage in all of the above behaviors.

Zoe is the new Shihtzu in my life (courtesy of Turtle Gardens). She is a former puppy mill dog. Like most shihtzus she is very resilient. Although she has lived a crap life up until now you would never know it to look at her. Now that her teeth are fixed, her foot has healed and she has a full belly she is a happy and contented little shihthead!

Zoe small eye
Zoe right after her 'welcome shave.'

I cannot imagine my life without dogs. I know that something had been missing since The Chunk died in 2006. I needed a shihtzu in my world to make it complete!

For more info on Shihtzus.

One other interesting Shihtzu fact – Stephen Spielberg George Lucas used their faces as inspiration for Ewoks.