Day 90 – the ‘I hate TREO’ edition

So, I finally called TREO after paying Deb’s $21 dollar bill. The tolls were from 2014 when she still had the truck. The woman I spoke to claimed that they sent over 40 invoices and a warning letter that Deb was ‘entering into the service denial phase’ because of her unpaid tolls.

When they stopped the tolls, I waited a bit, gathered up all the invoices and paid all of them at once. I thought we were done. I have not received any invoices since nor did we receive the above mentioned letter. We haven’t moved. And according to TREO the invoices were successfully sent because no mail was returned. The woman I spoke to was very combative and rude. She cut me off constantly and wouldn’t let me finish a sentence. She actually asked me why I was phoning her on a Friday afternoon!!

I asked to speak to a supervisor, to which she said: “there are no supervisors here, there are only 4 of us sitting in a room taking these calls. The organization that was TREO is gone.” I again asked to have a name and number of a supervisor to call on Monday. She said she couldn’t give that information out. Finally, she relented and took my name and number for a supervisor to call me on Monday. Who wants to be they don’t call.

I am really pissed off about this. How many people have they done this to – tolls on record, no invoices for sent for years and TREO pockets the interest. It’s not a lot of money but if they did to us, who else are they doing it to? It would have been a very simple solution for her to credit back the interest we paid but she wouldn’t even entertain that idea. She kept saying that she didn’t work at Canada Post and it’s not her fault we didn’t get the invoices. Honestly, I don’t care about why we didn’t get the invoices – the bottomline is that we didn’t receive them and if I don’t receive an invoice how do I know we owe the money. Her response was that we knew we went over a toll bridge and we should go looking for how much we owe. The charges were from 2014. Why would I think we still had outstanding tolls from that time period?

She did, graciously, offer to remove the $.27 charge from my account. And just to note, I didn’t receive any invoices for that bill either.

Anyway, here is my after talking to TREO:

April 6