Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘crap, summer seems to have arrived’ edition

  • We said goodbye to Tru on Monday. She was ready to go. We thought she might have passed on her own over the weekend. She went very peacefully. I am pretty sure she lived for an extra 3 months because she liked it here. Rest in peace Tru, you were a very good dog.
  • The last 2 days have been so warm! Uggh. I dread the annual arrival of summer. I just don’t cope in the heat. We are mostly ready though. We need to buy a new air conditioner for the kitchen. I also think the house may be warmer now that the big tree is gone out front.
  • Given that summer appears to have arrived, I am trying to break my feet in to where my Birkenstocks this year. I have spoiled by the plush Naots with orthotics. I really missed wearing the Birks last year so they are on my feet today.
  • Deb and I went to a fundraiser last night. It was a dance and the music was bluegrass and swing. I thought my ears were going to bleed. We lasted a grand total of 2 hours. I donated the dragon I made in filet crochet but it didn’t even get one bid! Deb thinks it was just the wrong crowd. However, the pug umbrella we donated sparked a bidding war. Who knew?
  • All of the dogs are doing really well. We have such a nice group right now. They all get along very well. We are taking Ruby and Zoe to the vet on Monday. Ruby has a heart condition and needs a refill on meds. Zoe seems to cough a couple of times a day. It is not getting worse and it does not happen when she is active. I am thinking collapsing trachea but just want to be sure. We have had her for almost 3 years now, which means she is likely 12. Other than that she is totally fine being her princess, entitled little self.
  • I am in my new office!!! This makes me very happy. We have tons of storage space in here. I have room for all my craft stuff and furniture. Plus it is purple!!!!

Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘rough week’ edition

  • I had a horrible week. Last Sunday, I decided to clean the wax out of my ears and succeeded in only blocking the left ear. I have oddly shaped ears with small canals and I have a problem about every 10 years. I kept thinking it would clear. I thought there was just some water in there. We tried everything, warm olive oil, syringing all to no avail. On Wednesday, I had a ulcerative colitis attack and that combined with my ear I was really sick. I ended up going home because I couldn’t stand to be at work. We have some really loud people and all I could hear was them and nothing else. Plus I had a fever and the chills. Thursday, I finally went to a walk-in clinic[1] and he put some noxious smelling stuff in my ear. Then he got this big-ass syringe thing and flushed it out. When it cleared, I felt so much better! Note to self: never, ever fuck with your ears again.
  • Tru is really getting close to the end now. She is fading more each day. She is not in distress or pain. We have decided we will take her to the vet on Monday to say goodbye. She has done really well. She lived two months more here just on sheer pleasure. We thought she wasn’t going to make it past the first week but love and good food really helped her rally.
  • We also just found out that our favourite vet has left for Edmonton! We had just broken her in and now she is gone!


[1] My doctor hates it when we go to clinics so I may hear about it!

Dispatches from the Swamp –the ‘don’t eat the Chinese food’ edition

  • We have lived in Maple Ridge for almost 6 years. We tried most of the Chinese food restaurants in town and gave up as they were all uniformly bad. Yesterday, when we checked the mail, we got a menu for one we had tried before and saw it had been voted the best Asian food restaurant in MR for 8 years in a row. I am not sure where they find these people or who voted for them because the food was terrible. Our honey garlic ribs seemed to just have some V-H sauce poured over them. The green beans with beef in black bean sauce had been frozen. The beef was seriously mystery meat. The chow mein noodles looked like Mr. Noodles. You get the idea. A word of caution, don’t ever order Chinese food in Maple Ridge and especially don’t order from King’s Kitchen. It was so bad.
  • We seriously have the world’s worst neighbours. They blasted music all Friday and Saturday night. Then, this morning, they are up at the crack of dawn yelling at the dogs outside. They seem to spend a lot of time in their front yard where they yell at the dogs when they bark.[1] Their reaction to a barking dog is about the same as ours to potential aggression. I am not sure why they think this is ok. We hear them all the time. They are loud and obnoxious. At least once it gets hot we will have an air conditioner in that window and we will hear them less.
  • Tru is the strangest dog I have ever met. Her food choices are bizarre. She also does this other really strange thing – she chatters her teeth. The other day she was doing it and it seemed like she wanted to play – so Deb played with her. We also think she has been sent her by Madison to finish off the job of killing us. Tru is always in the way. And as you approach her and try to go around her she just gets more in your way.
  • Edith seems to be doing ok without Archie. She is louder and more demanding. She goes through a helluva a lot of greens for one guinea pig!


[1] This would be different from when they let their dogs bark non-stop in the backyard.

Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘I think we fixed Ruby’ edition

  • I have to say, I thought it would take much longer to fix Ruby. A couple of evenings of ‘puppy massage’ and she is now rolling over on to her back for belly rubs. She is wiggling around and trying to scratch her back. She has become way more engaged. Now when we move, she follows us, ever hopeful some morsel will fall into her perpetually open little maw. She still chooses to sleep in her door less crate but she is pretty tuned in to what is going on. She does the best little dance when she comes in wanting her treat. Now, if she would just learn her name.
  • Tru is holding her own. She has never met a carb she didn’t like. This is a dog who will eat fried potatoes over bacon; cookies over steak; and pasta over roast chicken. We have never come across a dog who has such strange tastes in food. We are not sure if she was starved or if she survived on garbage. I think she ate whatever her people ate and maybe they were vegetarian.
  • Tru and Ruby are now official members of The Swamp pack. They have been adopted. They have fit in quite well.
  • Everyone else is doing really well. We think Zoe may not be as old as we were told. She has not changed at all in the almost 3 years she has been here. Piper is losing some weight so she doesn’t have difficulty breathing in the heat this year.
  • It has been so nice since we hooked up to the city sewer a couple of months ago. We have no more stench that migrates into the house. This time last year when we decide opening a window might be great we no longer have to listen to the noisy neighbours because we can open one up on the quiet side of the house. In the past, there was no way we could open those windows as the smell was overpowering. Sadly the backyard is still a swamp.
  • The frogs have been singing for weeks now. The ribbits are definitely the sound of spring at The Swamp.

Pictures from The Swamp – the ‘it’s Tru’s Day’

Tru is doing very well! She had a dental late last week. She came through with flying colours. She no longer has a germ-infested, swamp mouth! This is critical as her teeth occasionally make contact with other beings. We have officially adopted Tru! Many thanks to Trina from Chilliwack for rescuing Tru and Big Heart Rescue for stepping up and covering Tru’s vet care!

No more Swamp mouth!

Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘It’s Tru’sday’ Edition

Well, it would seem that rumours of Tru’s imminent demise were grossly over stated. Tru is doing very well now. She has had her stitches out and she has had a bath. She is eating well. Her coat has become shiny as a result of grooming and good quality food.[1]We are thinking she may be strong enough to have a dental! Here are some serious Bat Ears!

More eardies!!

We will have to make sure to keep her inside during any windstorms!

[1] Like all canines at The Swamp, Tru has taken to eating raw food very quickly. Oh and she also has a thing for double-chocolate cookies!