An Open Letter to Brian Tobin

Dear Mr. Tobin:

Where are you? What are you doing? I think there may be a job you forgot to apply for a while back. You remember it, don’t you? A little thing called Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. You would be a natural. You are a leader and you have experience. I, for one, was glued to my tv during the turbot war with Spain. It got me through my Master’s thesis. I remember listening to your impassioned speeches and having a little tear well up in my eye and thinking that you would go on to be Prime Minister of Canada. Is Danny Williams holding you captive in Newfoundland? Are you stuck out on Hibernia? Is there any chance you may decide to rescue the Liberal Party of Canada from itself? Rescue us from yet another Conservative Government?

Just do me a favour please, when the job becomes vacant (which it will if Stephane can’t pull a win off) please apply. I would actually join the Liberal party so I could vote for you.