Federal Election 2008: Planet Liberal

Ok, I don’t know about you but I am really frustrated with the Liberals. It seems like they want to lose this election. This morning, on the radio, I heard a very excited Stephane Dion talking about injecting funding into the arts at a time when the economy is on the brink of recession. His reason? We need to have more movies, books and theatres so we can have fun! This doesn’t work for me. There are valid reasons for injecting money into the arts, for example, it keeps people employed and helps to generate spin-off benefits. Yes, it may be a bit about having fun but a leader of a major political party should not be justifying policy in that way. Memo to Stephane: sounding like a 12-year old boy who just got a new toy is not going to win you any votes.

Stephane has other issues he needs to deal with immediately if he has any hope of not being banished to the political wilderness.  He needs to understand that not everyone is a policy wonk like him.  Even those of us educated in Canadian political history and political science can’t understand what he is saying half the time. He needs to slow down and give people real information upon which they can form an opinion. Presenting policy ideas without explaining how and why he has arrived at them does not educate the public. We need to know why he thinks a carbon tax is a good thing in language the average voter can understand.

I have been following the Liberal Tour updates on Twitter. I really think they are living in an alternative universe. It sounds like their campaign is going great and Dion is speaking to very large groups of voters. They seem to think they are making gains. It does not seem this way on the ground. They (I am not sure who is doing the posting) post things like: “700 people! Standing room only! Everyone proud of responsible, costed Liberal platform. Dion performed brilliantly” and “Candidates are joining Dion on the train.Lots of laughs.By far, we have the best team. Politics is about working together, not a solo effort.” They got that right that it is not a solo effort but has Dion figured that out?

In my riding, Pitt Meadows-Maple Ridge-Mission, I have not seen one Liberal campaign sign. Not one! I don’t even know who the candidate is or even if they are running one. I see Cons and NDP signs but that is all. So where are the Liberals?

Dion and the Liberals need to pull it together and quickly before we are saddled with a Cons majority.