Cancer Corner – All of your questions answered


One of the thing about serious disease is that it’s shrouded in mystery. Only those who have gone through it really understand or know what it feels like. I know that I have always been curious1 about what people go through when they are dealing with as they make they complete their journey. How much does it hurt? What does it feel like to get chemo? What are some of the side effects etc.

So, I would like to give you all the opportunity to ask me anything you want. I promise to give you the unvarnished truth. I promise this will not be a pink butterfly and roses post or series of posts depending on how many questions I receive. I think this kind of thing is particularly important as we move into fall and October – Breast Cancer awareness month. What a lot of people don’t know is that the resources raised during that month go to people who are curable. Once your cancer has metastasized there is not much there for you except palliative care.


If I don’t know the answer, I will do my best to find it out for you.

You can submit your questions through these channels:

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  • Email me at

I would love for this to become a 2-way conversation. I look forward to your questions. Bring on the TMI! No question is to personal2 or at least I think not anyway.

  1. Some might say that I am too curious. ↩︎
  2. I think and unless it involved other people. ↩︎


A new feature here at The Swamp

So, I don’t know about you but I am getting a little tired of the recent programming of cancer all the time. Once upon a time I used to do some political blogging. And with Ontario electing Doug Ford where should I start??

I will do this extra feature as I am able or combine with the #365feministselfie post.

Why we need feminism – the ‘incel’ edition

feminismYou know, terrorism, while horrible and unconscionable, is at least a bit comprehensible. If the reports about the Toronto mass murder are true, that he is a so-called “incel” or “involuntary celibate” is disgusting. The belief that one is entitled to sex and that they have the right to commit mass murder because women don’t find them attractive to have sex with is beyond the scope of my understanding. What is wrong with these men? They are actually ‘happy’ that one of their own is getting so much media attention. Our world is getting so very, very scary.

It is exactly this brand of toxic masculinity that feminism seeks to dismantle. The patriarchy – which has told these men that they are entitled to have as much sex as they want with beautiful women. When these men then try to ‘pick up’ women and are rebuffed they get angry. Instead of looking at themselves and their own behaviour they lash out and blame women. Yes, that’s right, it’s the fault of an entire gender why you can’t get laid. Maybe we have a secret society where we collectively decide that some dickwad is going to be on the ‘do not bed’ list.

Seriously folks. If there was ever time we needed feminism it’s right fucking now. Men are killing lots of people because they can’t find someone who will have sex with them. We need to rid ourselves of toxic masculinity that promises men a ‘woman in every bed’ much like families were promised a ‘chicken in every pot’ after the war. Here’s news for these so called ‘involuntary celibates’ you are entitled to nothing. If you want a girlfriend how’s about ditching your beliefs that you are entitled to one and seek to be a worthy partner.

I am angry and disgusted.

Bridge Tolls – the ‘could they not have come up with a better system edition’

Golden Ears Bridge Image 1
I am so glad the stupid bridge tolls are gone. And not because I minded paying the tolls (to be clear, I was not a fan but I get that we all have to pay for things). My beef was the completely moronic, idiotic way the billing for the tolls was set up.
I paid all of our tolls months ago. I gathered up the invoices and paid them, one by one, through Treo and Quickpass. Deb went to do something on her insurance today only to be told she still owed tolls. Given that we had received no invoices since November and we hadn’t moved, I really had no idea how this was possible.
Part of the problem was that there were 2 companies responsible for bridge tolls in the lower mainland: Treo and Quickpass. You could merge your Treo and Quickpass together or leave them separate. If you got a new vehicle or different vehicle and you were not aware that you had tolls on the old vehicle you could essentially end up with 4 different bills when the tolls were stopped in September of 2017.
Like a responsible citizen, I gathered up all of our invoices and paid all the tolls in October. We no longer received any invoices and thought all was fine, until today.
Turns out that Deb had a Treo bill from when she had her truck. We traded her truck in when I got my truck in May of 2015. So, for 3 years these tolls sat there accumulating interest and no one told us they existed. Because the amount was under $25 she had no issue getting insurance services and had the tolls not been eliminated in September this would still be the case (for those of you not resident here – if you had outstanding tolls of less than $25 then they didn’t deny you insurance/driver’s license services). In fact, we both got our licences renewed in June and July of 2017.
Just for shits and giggles, I checked my license plate – I owe them $.27. Yes, 27 cents. I go to pay the 27 cents and the minimum payment is $1.00. Oh and I can’t call them today because it’s a holiday. Will the fun never end?
So why I am I ranting about this now? I fear what is going to happen if/when we move to a road pricing system. Will it be one system or will it be 2 or more? Given the fact that we have 21 different municipalities in Metro Vancouver, it’s quite possible we could end up with multiple systems that don’t speak to each other all with staff groups to chase money. I sincerely hope the government gives people the opportunity to give feedback before any road pricing system is implemented. Who would have thought they could screw up 2 bridges as much as they did.