I Write Letters

Dear NeilMed Sinus Rinse System (NMSRS):

I love your product. I have been using it faithfully since 2007, when I saw an allergist who made the suggestion. Your product has made my summer hay fever a thing of the past. I encourage everyone I know who has difficulties with allergies to use the NMSRS. I love everything about your product except for your wasteful packaging.

I am writing to you today about a box of refill packets I recently purchased. Now, I am not an ardent environmentalist. I am also not one to really notice excess packaging. I recently opened a new box of packets for my NMSRS and was astounded to see what was inside. Safely holding my 100 packets of chemicals was a solid blue plastic tray. Now, I really don’t see why this is necessary given that the packets are sealed (and lined with plastic inside) and they are in a heavy, plasticized box.

What was truly astounding was all the promotional material included in this box. Why on earth do you need to send a multi-page booklet in both official languages telling people who have already bought your product to buy it? Once can pretty much assume that if I have not only bought a bottle and I am buying refill packages, I believe in your product. Then, to add insult to injury, there are 2 heavy paper plasticized cards with more information about your product and encouraging people to buy the refill packets rather than substituting with salt and baking soda. Really, you people are preaching to the choir! If I have already purchased your refill packets what makes you think I need to be told why to purchase them?

So, here is a thought. Spend your money on trying to attract new customers rather than pissing off the ones you have with this wasteful practice.


From the Swamp