I love comments! In order to protect against spam your very first comment will be moderated. I am a little OCD so that will happen quickly. After that your comments will appear as soon as you leave them.  I like comments that move the discussion along. I also like comments were the poster disagrees with me as long as it is done respectfully and does not insult anyone. What I don’t like (and won’t post) are comments that are insulting or inflammatory or may get me sued. Obviously, I try not to let spam through.

Have fun in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Comment Policy

  1. Hello I stumbled across you page accidentally through your Kingfisher information.After reading through your topics, I clicked on your anxiety topic.i read through about 6-8 entries in hopes of learning more on this topic as i suffer a similair physical “stuff”.Anyways I think i see your problem and possible cure in life.You are suffering the Canadian effects
    of over stimulation and cultural explosion. You need to get back to Canada. Get out of Vancouver for some TIME. I mean real TIME. If you want to enjoy what is left of your life, after the beating you have taken. Canada is killing REAL Canadians. To much Change. similair to what happened to the aborigional people in BC.You need a extended Canadian Vacation. As long as it takes to reclaim your peace.I am thinking minimum one year or more.
    Go to small town BC and try to remember the way Canada was in the 1970’s. pick a town but stay under 50,000 people. Try to remember what Canada was like before our tolerances were stretched to the point were normal was not possible. Stress is caused by continual change and forced acceptance.Sickness, pain and death will result.

  2. Hi, just read one of your posts re PWD and have a question. Don’t want to leave a public comment though. Do you have an email address I can use? You have mine in your data field. Thanks.

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