Pictures from The Swamp – the ‘it’s Tru’s Day’

Tru is doing very well! She had a dental late last week. She came through with flying colours. She no longer has a germ-infested, swamp mouth! This is critical as her teeth occasionally make contact with other beings. We have officially adopted Tru! Many thanks to Trina from Chilliwack for rescuing Tru and Big Heart Rescue for stepping up and covering Tru’s vet care!

No more Swamp mouth!

Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘It’s Tru’sday’ Edition

Well, it would seem that rumours of Tru’s imminent demise were grossly over stated. Tru is doing very well now. She has had her stitches out and she has had a bath. She is eating well. Her coat has become shiny as a result of grooming and good quality food.[1]We are thinking she may be strong enough to have a dental! Here are some serious Bat Ears!

More eardies!!

We will have to make sure to keep her inside during any windstorms!

[1] Like all canines at The Swamp, Tru has taken to eating raw food very quickly. Oh and she also has a thing for double-chocolate cookies!

Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘Tru’ edition

Tru looking at the camera

After an almost 2 ½ years of our moratorium[1] on fostering and adopting senior dogs we relented and Tru came to our house last Friday. We don’t know much about her. She came from Chilliwack Animal Control after she had been found at the side of the road. She was injured and had to have a huge gash sewn up on her chest. No one really knows what happened.

Here is the truth about Tru – she is old, she has likely had a hard life and she has never known the comforts of a home. One more truth about Tru is that she is dying. Right now we are focusing on giving Tru all the comforts of life she has never known: soft beds and hands, human and canine companionship, and a warm and safe bed to sleep in at night. Even though Tru has been through hell and she is dying she is one of the most affectionate dogs I have met in a long time. She greets you by tasting you, a warm, soft lick to the hand. Tru loves the boys often she can be found laying with Sawyer or Kiefer. She is not sure about Sienna and Zoe. Piper just keeps trying to be her friend.

Tru relaxing..

If Tru’s story has touched you (and I know it has touched many) please consider making a donation to Chilliwack Animal Control[2] and Big Heart Rescue, who also stepped up to, help an old dog in need. The work that is done by rescues is often thankless and very difficult and it is dogs like Tru who really need someone to agree to help them. Think about helping the next Tru that comes along because sadly, Tru’s story is not unique. This is the sad reality for many dogs in British Columbia today. We really must do better. Please consider donating.

Tru in the living room.

[1] In our defense, we had 11 dogs at the time and we were seriously full at the Inn.

[2] They operate on a shoestring budget for vet care and need all the help they can get.