Other NaBloPoMoers I am following

I have been enjoying NaBloPoMo this year. It is a challenge to come up with something to blog about every day. Plus trying to remember to do it has also been a bit of a struggle. Knowing how hard it is I thought I would highlight some other bloggers who have been participating:

Beth has made it ever day over at Not to be trusted with knives

Erika has managed every day over on her blog Loic

And a new one I have been reading, Love, Live, Grow

Check them out and show them some love! Anyone have any other NaBloPoMo links?

Dispatches from The Swamp – the ‘I am on vacation’ edition

I have next week off. I can hardly believe it. I have been working full out since June and I have had no time off this year that did not involve my mother.[1] Deb also has most of next week off so we are looking forward to some serious together time and communing with the dogs. In no particular order, here are the things I plan to do next week:

  1. Crochet
  2. Let the dogs in and out about 15 times per day.[2]
  3. Cook. I want to make some soups for the freezer to take for lunches.
  4. Sleep
  5. Watch obscene amounts of TV whilst I crochet.
  6. Blog[3]
  7. Listen to music
  8. Play computer games
  9. Buy some new music

If I can help it, I intend to only leave the house to forage for supplies. I really could become a hermit if I didn’t have to leave the house to work. It sounds like a great week to me!

[1] This does involve my mother but not until the end and only for 1 day!

[2] Heaven forbid they all go at once!

[3] NaBloPoMo does not recognize vacations!

Swamp Lists: 10 Reasons I love dogs

  1. Dogs love you unconditionally – to them you are a hero.
  2. Everything you do is interesting to your dog. Want to go to the bathroom alone? Forget it that’s very interesting.[1]
  3. Every single dog is an individual. They all have their quirks and little weird behaviors that make them incredibly endearing.[2]
  4. They provide free entertainment for your guests. At our house, Sawyer always treats guests to the ‘humpy bunny’ show. Not to be missed at The Swamp!
  5. They will assist you with your diet. It is really hard to eat a lot with 12 eyes staring at you expectantly.
  6. I love sleeping with the dogs. The little snores and breathing sounds are very comforting.
  7. The happy dog dance that ensues whether you have been gone for 5 minutes or 5 hours. It never fails to make my heart sing.
  8. The gentle affection between dogs is so powerful.
  9. The sheer joy on their faces as they chase each other through the house and we try not to get tripped.
  10. The way your dog looks up at you like you are their universe.

[1] Sometimes it seems like the dogs think the bathroom is magic portal that is going to transport you to a new and very interesting place without them!

[2] And sometimes a little frustrating.

Dispatches from The Swamp – the ‘dog update’ edition

Well, it’s November again. The rains have begun in earnest. It is also National Blog Posting Month[1] and I am going to try to blog every day for the whole month. I am not holding out much hope this will actually happen but a woman can dream.  Hopefully you will all be treated to my unique, critical-thinking take on the world as I discuss politics (Obama good, Harper bad), feminism, music and of course, dogs. So here we go with the first post of the month on, you guessed it, dogs!

First up is Jesse. When he first arrived we thought we were going to have a challenge integrating him. He had pain issues, he had never really lived with other dogs, he had severe separation anxiety and stunk to high heaven. After a couple of months with good pain management[2] he has fit in like a dream. Things are still a little foreign to him at our house but he is learning some key lessons. He now seems to understand that we go out and we come home. He is not screaming as much when he has to go into his crate which means hopefully the neighbours won’t call the police thinking someone/something is dying or actively being killed. He seems to really enjoy the softness at our house; the soft petting and caressing, the soft beds, the soft couch and the soft touch of Sawyer’s tongue on his face. You can just see him relax and lean into it a little bit more. It does seem though that some things cannot be unlearned. He does not really like raw at all so we do have to feed him a combination of commercial dog food and some home-cooked. He will pretty much eat anything as long as it is not raw.

When Gracie first arrived we thought she had weathered the chaos of her previous lives well. We were wrong. Gracie seems to be a dog who never had much stimulation so she began to chew on herself as a way to deal with this. At our house she has lots of stimulation playing with Sawyer and getting attention from us. However, when we seem to be winding down for the day like watching tv and/or getting ready for bed she begins her self-stimulating behavior. She has been to the vet, done 2 rounds of antibiotics[3] and a medication that allowed her skin to heal and stopped her from scratching. We are now trying rescue remedy to see if that will settle her down a bit. She is truly one of the nicest dogs we have ever had.

Everyone else is doing well. Mostly. We are having some issues with the girls. Zoe, who is old and intolerant, is bitchy, Gracie wants to play and is relentless. She does not pick up on Zoe’s not so subtle cues that she doesn’t want to play. So they snarl a little and then Piper inserts herself, determined to finish whatever is going on. It has been mostly noise, however I did notice that Zoe had a little puncture above one of her eyes. Oh, and it would be useful if Zoe realized that she really doesn’t have enough teeth to be snarling at younger dogs. Meanwhile, they boys snuggle with each other and get along fine. Who knows?

[1] Or NaBloPoMo for the cool kids.

[2] His pain is controlled by tramadol. He is not needing the metacam now which is great news for his kidneys.

[3] We now have the lovely task of putting Surolan on her vulva because she is obsessed with her vulva.