I am extremely tired after the last couple of days. I was in an all day training session, which was fabulous. I have had 3 full and busy days. I am going to relax tonight and not blog tonight. Catch you all tomorrow.

Phoning it in

I am feeling like crap. I didn’t get enough sleep in spite of going to bed early. I am still recovering from my virus. Oh and if all that weren’t enough my ulcerative colitis has decided to act up. Catch you all tomorrow.


It has been a very long day. We got my mother a new tv, set it up, then I installed the Apple TV. When I realized she was then going to have 3 remotes, we went and got Logitech harmony remote for her. Setting those things up is a real bitch to say the least. We went to Red Lobster and I had a great dinner of shrimp and crab legs – which was fabulous. There was really nothing for Deb except soup and mozzarella sticks. Anyway, we be home early tomorrow evening.

Health Update

I went to see the doctor today and I have fluid on my lungs. I am going to have pneumonia if I am not careful. So I have antibiotics (blech) and I am staying home tomorrow to try and rest and shake this thing. I am really having trouble breathing as the fluid is wreaking havoc with my asthma. My doctor also gave me a prescription for a stronger asthma inhaler. I hope I feel better soon as it has been a really long haul.

One of those days

Today is one of those days where every thing seems dark and hopeless to me. I am tired and (still) sick. I feel unappreciated for the things I do and I really don’t feel like going on. I am sure it will pass eventually. It is just a dark day for me.

Gratutitious Pet Shots

I can’t string too many words together today. I am still sick. Instead I shall regale you with pictures of the crew. Enjoy!

Zoe - her smaller, blind eye
Pipes looking very serious
Great shot of the boy!
Molly looking good!
Kiefer licking his lips
Clio getting a treat


Isn't Bella adorable!!!


After my big rant yesterday I am tired. I spent the day in meetings – like a full 6 hours and I am fatigued. I am going to be taking a training course and part of it is going to be journaling. They have actually sent me a journal. I hope they don’t think I am actually going to write in it because I don’t do that. I really need to be in front of a screen and a keyboard in order to write. I will sit there with a pen forever and nothing will come out. Plus if I write it, no one will be able to read it except me. Maybe.