Dispatches from Chez Shihtzu Staff – Feb 4, 2010

When I saw the gastroentrologist a couple of weeks ago we discussed why I was having so much trouble eating. She thought I might have an ulcer or some other kind of irritation in my stomach so she prescribed pariet to help it to heal and if the drugs don’t work then she would set up a scope. It has been over a week now and I am not seeing any change. In fact, I have to say it is worse. I am rarely hungry and nothing much appeals to me at all. I am taking vitamins and drinking Ensure* so I am getting some nutrition. I am still finding this a bizarre change in my world. My hope is that if I need a scope they can do both ends at the same – double the fun and only one prep!

The consequence of not being able to eat is weight loss. I am down a size in pants and some of my shirts are looking like dresses. I don’t mind the weight loss especially when I am not having to diet. At this point it is basically effort less. There have been some interesting changes. First of all many things are easier. I am not having as many difficulties walking although sometimes the colitis pain really inflames my pelvic area which then presses on my hip joints. On the days I don’t have the pain it is easier to walk. My stomach has always pressed into the steering wheel. In the Subaru it was just a little bit. Now even with my winter coat on the steering wheel no longer touches my stomach which makes driving way more fun! There are other things too but some of them would fall into the TMI category.

In other news – all the dogs seem fine. Poor Zoe had a poopy bum so I had to clip the hair away from anus and clean her up tonight. Clio is reminding me of a Pez dispenser, only in reverse. She pops up, I put food in her mouth and she goes down. Wash, rinse, repeat! Zoe continues to come out of her shell**. She is now playing really hard when we first go into the living room. I slap the leather couch and she jumps and paws at my hand to get me to do it again. She is seriously 17 kinds of funny! Kirby had a dental last week and I am pleased to confirm that Deb survived it. Kirby bounced back the very next day like nothing happened. He also seemed to enjoy his foray into canned food*** while his mouth healed. Deb had a bit of a disagreement with one of our vets about feeding raw. She (the vet) still firmly believes in her kibble and canned. We really don’t get how people can think that some mixture of bones, skin, unsellable meat and grain extruded into hard little pellets are somehow better for your dog than unprocessed meat. She actually said that dogs cannot get enough protein!!! Seriously have you ever heard anything so bizarre? What is meat if not protein? But I digress.

I got a couple of comments about unplugging from the internetz. One of my former work colleagues sent me this link: I seriously thought about doing it but I am not there yet. I could probably do it with my Twitter account as I am almost never on there. I still use it occasionally to see what the trending topics are when my Gmail is down.

I am heading into what I hope will be a nice relaxing long weekend.

*Interestingly the US government force feeds hunger striking prisoners on Guantanamo Bay Ensure. If you had asked me yesterday if I had anything in common with prisoners at Guantanamo I would have said no. You learn something new every day!

**I am pretty sure she must be done because that dog is crazy cute and very self-actualized. The other night Deb was eating cheesies in bed and Zoe got in her bag and ate a bunch before Deb noticed.

***Canned and kibble in our house is considered junk food. The dogs are love it but it is not really that good for them.


Phrases I am tired of hearing

The following are making me mental:

1. Global Financial Crisis – seriously, the more they talk about it the more it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
2. The ‘wildly successful social networking site Facebook.’ We all know it is there, we all know it is successful now can they please shut about it.
3. The ‘wildly successful social networking site Twitter.’ Again, we all know it is there and it is successful. Just because Ashton Kutcher got a million followers and then mentioned something about mosquito nets does not make him a hero.
4. Still on twitter – for all you newbies on twitter when one posts it is a tweet. You don’t post a twitter.
5. Go Canucks Go. Enough said.
6. Anything to do with the BC Provincial Election. They should all just shut up. Better yet, none of them who have been in power for the last 20 years should be able to run again. We have Raymond Lam posting pictures on himself in his ‘tighty whiteys’ while others are pulling on them and he has to step down. But the Premier of the province can be arrested for drunk driving in another country and still get re-elected. There is something wrong here.

That’s the list for today!