Why I hate Spring Rain

We live in a rain forest here on the left coast of North America. And it rains. It rains a lot. It rains for months at a time in the winter. It also rains in the spring. Spring rain is quite different from winter rain and I can’t stand spring rain

In the winter it rains. Unless there is a ‘pineapple express’ in town, it just lightly rains. You need your windshield wipers, maybe a hat or an umbrella, but generally, you don’t get soaked. Sometimes it mists where it just seems like a light rainy coating is covering you and everything outside but again you can stay relatively dry.

Spring rain is wet. It seems to come down in buckets. Windshield wipers need to go at full speed and still you can’t see. Then it starts and stops. So it pours and then we are lulled into a fall sense of complacency. Then, it pours again. Personally, I would much rather have winter rain if it must rain.

At least we are not in Calgary, where it snowed, yet again!

Day 2

I am still feeling like crap. I don’t  have a great deal of energy to blog. So, instead, I shall leave you with a link to a graph of water consumption in Edmonton during the gold medal hockey game.

blech, blech and blech

I feel like crap. My stomach really hurts and I am feeling fuzzy and stuffed up. My throat is sore and my voice is froggy. Thankfully I am off tomorrow. Hopefully I can get my proverbial shit together by Thursday. Wish me luck.