Pictures from The Swamp – the ‘it’s Tru’s Day’

Tru is doing very well! She had a dental late last week. She came through with flying colours. She no longer has a germ-infested, swamp mouth! This is critical as her teeth occasionally make contact with other beings. We have officially adopted Tru! Many thanks to Trina from Chilliwack for rescuing Tru and Big Heart Rescue for stepping up and covering Tru’s vet care!

No more Swamp mouth!

Dispatches from the Swamp – the ‘It’s Tru’sday’ Edition

Well, it would seem that rumours of Tru’s imminent demise were grossly over stated. Tru is doing very well now. She has had her stitches out and she has had a bath. She is eating well. Her coat has become shiny as a result of grooming and good quality food.[1]We are thinking she may be strong enough to have a dental! Here are some serious Bat Ears!

More eardies!!

We will have to make sure to keep her inside during any windstorms!

[1] Like all canines at The Swamp, Tru has taken to eating raw food very quickly. Oh and she also has a thing for double-chocolate cookies!